BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.5 is the fifth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


The story kicks off right after the ending of VOL.4. The Sniper tries to get back up, still clenching Carlos' right leg. With his left, Carlos stomps on the Tyrant's head. It reacts by grabbing his left leg, also, throwing Carlos across the room. Already coughing up blood, the Sniper gets ready to deliver the final blow. However, a large pipe falls down to the ground directly in-between the two. It doesn't slow it down much, though; the Tyrant merely punches through the pipe and straight to Carlos' head. After two storyboards showing Carlos entering "the zone", he gains amazing agility, and repeatedly dodges the Tyrant's punches despite his injury. Angered by its inability to kill him, the Sniper' tentacles burst out again. Carlos grabs an interesting metal box tied to the creature's overcoat and runs away.


Jill meets an unidentified burning monster.

Meanwhile, Jill enters the Raccoon Press building. Standing on a table to reach the shutter controls, Jill opens the shutter. A misstep causes a creature (on fire) to reveal itself to her. She runs up the stairs of the Press office from the creature, straight towards a survivor wearing a "Made in Heaven" jacket. Jill recognises him as Chris, but a moment of re-focusing reveals it to in fact be a zombie, the torso of which she blows away with her Benelli. Jill examines a pile of zombie corpses. The body of a UBCS mercenary is having shielded the body of a young woman as the man's final act. A note left behind uncovers Umbrella data regarding S.T.A.R.S.; photographs of the outbreak and journal entries. Jill races to mix some chemicals together, based on the journal entry's suggestions. However, the burning creature attacks. Taking out the creature with her Samurai Edge, Jill collects a blue gem and, with it and a green gem she found, uses it on the Raccoon City Hall's complicated and elaborate locking mechanism, being reminded of Jill as she does so. With the gates opening, Jill raises her palm out as though calling someone to stop... A short montage of several Sliding Worms; a Hunter β; the Grave Digger and a Drain Deimos and Brain Sucker represent Jill's imagination of what's behind the door.


Carlos finds Sherry in the basement under Grill 13.

Actually behind the door initially appears to be nothing, though a single Zombie Dog attacks from near Lonsdale Yard. She blows it away as she approaches the Tram station. Walking inside the tram, Jill is approached by Sergeant Nikolai. The two of them introduce themselves, being mutually distrustful of each other over their professions (S.T.A.R.S. and Umbrella, respectively). She then sees an injured Captain Mikhail, who is suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, believing himself to be in a battlefield. Carlos walks in from another card as Jill tries to calm the Captain down. He drops the metal case by her. Carlos and Nikolai then consider working with Jill. In a reluctant agreement, Carlos responds by throwing a belt to Jill, which she can use for carrying ammunition.

Carlos describes his escape from the Sniper. Opening up a manhole in Grill 13, he climbed down the ladder to find Sherry on the run from the alligator. About to be grabbed in the mutant's jaws, Carlos props its gaping mouth open with his rifle and boot.


Further notes

BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.5 - special editions

A comparison shot between the two versions (watermarked)

Two special edition cover designs exist of VOL.5, boasting a possible showdown between the Sniper and William Birkin (though no encounter takes place in this issue). The special edition was sold at a price of $28. The "G-VIRUS" and "Sniper" versions were both silver/gold plated.[1][2]


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