BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.6 is the sixth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


Jill opens the case Carlos gave her. It contains parts to complete a STI Eagle 6.0, complete with a scope.


The dead alligator.

Back in Carlos' flashback, he struggles to keep open the alligator's mouth, but ultimately fails to hold his grip and disappears inside it - swallowed alive -[excerpt 1] much to the shock of Sherry Birkin. The alligator starts to turn around, ready to swallow Sherry next. A number of bullets suddenly come out through its brain - Carlos is still alive and is fighting back from inside. Further firing from its stomach tears a hole in the mutant's back, allowing Carlos to simply climb out. Carlos is escorted around by Sherry, who seems to know her way around (it being revealed to be another Umbrella facility). Looking at a wall, Carlos spots a picture of "Boss". Sherry brings up her father, who she reveals to be a researcher for Umbrella - a man named "William".[excerpt 2] Concluding this man to be the one he read the research reports from earlier on, Carlos becomes disgusted.

Meanwhile, Mikhail has left the tram to take out approaching zombie cops, though Jill brings him back to his makeshift bed when she returns to the station. Heading off to the STAGLA gas station to search for parts to get the tram running, Jill is met by Carlos. Her welcoming is cut shorts as a number of zombies begin an approach to the station. Carlos walks outside to take out the zombies, leaving Jill alone inside. A sudden fire ravages the building on the inside, revealed to have been caused by the Sniper, which has mutated as a response to body damage.

BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.6 - Nemesis-Hunter fight

The horrific aftermath.

In a flashback, the Sniper sits over a number of zombie corpses, tearing out body parts to consume. A Hunter β sees him and lunges to attack. However, the Sniper has seen the B.O.W. and is ready to fight back, wanting something tastier to eat. With it still midair, the Sniper punches the Hunter in the torso, tearing into its innards. The Tyrant then opens its mouth, drinking the blood of the Hunter as it pours out its jaws.



  • Writer · Lee Chung-hsing (李中興)
  • Production Director · Zhang Yongkang (張永康)
  • Planning · Yu Yongliang (余詠良)

Further notesEdit

This issue of the story demonstrates some misconception surrounding Western naming conventions in conversations. Sherry comfortably refers to her father by his first name, while Carlos thinks of a "Dr. William". In the west, it is socially-unacceptable for a young child to refer to their parents on a first-name basis, whereas the first name is only used after a title when the whole name is read out ("Dr. William Birkin") and is otherwise absent ("Dr. Birkin").


  1. "Carlos was swallowed alive." (Chinese: 卡罗斯被活生生的吞下。; Pinyin: Kǎ luósī bèi huóshēngshēng de tūn xià.)
  2. "My father is an Umbrella Corporation researcher; he's called William (Chinese: …我爸爸是UMBRELLA組織的研究博士,他叫威廉。; Pinyin: …Wǒ bàba shì UMBRELLA zǔzhī de yánjiū bóshì, tā jiào wēilián)
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