BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.7 is the seventh volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. It was published in November 1999


Inside the STAGLA gas station, Jill is shocked to see what she believes to be the fire creature again. This time, however, it is revealed to be Carlos running inside to save her wearing a fire blanket. He tells her to come with him.[excerpt 1] The two get out of the gas station as the fire spreads, and run down the road to avoid the inevitable explosion as the refuelling depot is hit.

Much of the remainder of the comic exists as montages. The two are first shown leaving Lonsdale Yard to search for parts on their own. Carlos meddles with the statue of the Mayor. Carrying the Book of Wisdom, he is attacked by a Drain Deimos; Jill experiences the same, immediately unloading her Benelli on it. She then uses her new STI Eagle 6.0 to shoot down a hanging load of wood, crashing down on it.

The two briefly meet again at the power substation. Jill is still distrustful of Carlos, and turns her shotgun on him.

In Jill's flashback' she heads down the service elevator, heading for the substation. Approached by zombies, Jill shoots through the substation's gate to decimate them. Moving an electrical cabinet towards the gate, the metal is electrified, frying the two remaining zombies as they break through. She also obtains a grenade launcher and some incendiary rounds from a storage locker, using it to take out another mutant.

Back to the present, Carlos has left the area and gone to the Umbrella Sales Office, catching Nikolai about to kill fellow UBCS mercenary, Murphy. Aiming his assault rifle at the attacker, it is of no use - Nikolai kills Murphy and begins adding data to his laptop. Carlos deciphers that the Umbrella office's pharmacy locker can be unlocked by the password "ADRAVIL". Proceeding in side, he obtains a special form of gasoline also being stored. Carlos and Jill meet at the parking lot near downtown Raccoon City. They show each other the items they have obtained. A sudden earthquake causes the two to lose their footing and hang over a hole leading to the sewers. As two crates from a nearby van fall out, both let go to avoid them - luckily for them the hole is too small at its end point for the crates to continue down.

Carlos yet again explores the sewers, finding the shed exoskeleton of a Grave Digger; a group of Sliding Worms attack him, though he manages to fight them off. Running along the tunnel, Jill is attacked by the Grave Digger, which tries to eat her. Carlos, saves her and the two head for the ladder. The Grave Digger continues its attack, though moves slowly through this tunnel. Carlos sends Jill up the ladder while he deals with the beast.


Further notes

BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.7 - special edition

The special edition cover (watermarked)

From this point onwards, volumes included the month of publication on them - in this case, November. The standard edition's artwork and writing was tiled on its side to allow more room for the artwork. The Special Edition, at $20, was of the biological hazard symbol over a silver background.[1]

The books (either version) came with promotional items - keys based on the Main Gate Key that opens the gate to Raccoon Park. A limited-edition gold version also exists.[2]


  1. Excerpt from page 4:
    "Come! Let's go!" (Chinese: 來!我們走吧!; Pinyin: Lái! Wǒmen zǒu ba!).
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