BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE VOL.9 is the ninth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


The story starts with where VOL.8 left off - Leon finds Carlos while trying to save Sherry from an Ivy. He hands Sherry over to Leon and goes back to Jill, receiving a message from Mikhail (which Nikolai overhears). Coming back to the tram, the four move along the rails elsewhere. Gunfire rings out from Mikhail's car; Carlos runs to the window to see him engaging in battle with the Sniper. Carlos tries to help in the fight, but Mikhail pushes him back and closes the door on him, ignoring Carlos' demands to be let in.[excerpt 1] Determined to take out Jill, the Sniper simply throws Mikhail aside, smashing against the glass. Bashing at the door to the next car, Mikhail takes out a grenade to take him out, willing to sacrifice himself. The cable car explodes into flames and detaches.

Birkin walks over the tram rubble.

Rolling out in flames, the Sniper is in fact unharmed - it gets up and watches as the forward car continues on its journey. From behind the rubble, the G-1 stage William watches. The Sniper knows he is there, and challenges him to a fight, which William agrees to.

Carlos' reaction to Mikhail's death.

Back at the car, Jill tries to slam on the emergency brakes, but finds that it is jammed. With Caros' help, the two try to force them in place, only for the stick to break. With no way left to force the brakes in, the two jump out as the tram goes off rails and into a building. Jill is separated from Carlos, getting up to find herself at the Saint Michael Clock Tower at 23:50.

The battle between the Sniper and Birkin continues, with the Sniper punching to Birkin's slashing. The two deliver critical attacks on each other, both coughing out blood. The Umbrella executives continue to watch the fight from the crow/camera. Unable to beat Birkin, the Sniper cheats and takes out its rocket launcher. It fires at Birkin, damaging his mutated right arm.


Further notes

The special edition with collectibles (watermarked)

The special edition of VOL.9 came with one of three collectible UBCS combat knives, each four inches long.[1] It sold at $20.[2]


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