BIOHAZARD 3 Supplemental Edition VOL.1 is the first volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger company, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


October 1, 1998. The Midwestern American city of Raccoon City has been destroyed in order to prevent human extinction at the hands of the growing zombie epidemic.[excerpt 1][excerpt 2] A white haired man, "Leo"[note 1] walks through the ruins of Umbrella's infrastructures with a sentient brick of tofu (referred to simply as "To-Fu" (Chinese: 豆腐; Pinyin: Dòufu)), baffled to some extent how this could be.[excerpt 3] The giant brick roams around the sewers, encountering a female zombie, which bites into it pretty easily,[excerpt 4] despite the preposterous of the idea.[excerpt 5] The female zombie is suddenly wiped out in a powerful blast, leaving To-Fu intact; the man laughs maniacally.

BIOHAZARD 3 Supplemental Edition VOL.1 - pages 32 and 33

The bizarre monster Leo faces, sharing the 'eye' characteristic of G-mutations, and the tentacles grown by NE-a parasites.

Elsewhere, Leon, Claire and Sherry are in the middle of nowhere as dark clouds fill the sky. The two adults remember their fight against the Tyrant, and Ada's work in the shadows. Sherry sees a pair of doves land nearby, before flying off into the sky. Elsewhere, Ada is confirmed to have survived her apparent death, and is nursing her wounds in an apartment. She herself remembers the events of the past few days. Moving through the Underground Laboratory, she came into contact with Leo as he faced the "Annihilator" - a large creature based on both "t" and "G" viruses.[excerpt 6] To-Fu is destroyed by the creature.



Further notes

The first volume came with a multiple collectible items. The first of these was a miniature silver figurine in the shape of William Birkin's G-3 form. The second was a metal figurine of the character, To-Fu, who appeared in Resident Evil 2's "The Tofu Survivor". A Zippo displaying the words "Made in Heaven" (referencing Claire's jacket) was also considered as a special item.[1][2][3]


  1. An approximation based on his Hanzi spelling being Chinese: 雷奧; Pinyin: Léi ào
  1. Excerpt from page 3:
    Chinese: 一處己經不存在的地方, 為了阻止喪屍化的蔓延,這裡必須滅絶; Pinyin: Yī chù jǐ jīng bù cúnzài dì dìfāng, wèile zǔzhǐ sàngshī huà de mànyán, zhèlǐ bìxū mièjué
  2. Exerpt from page 3:
    Chinese: 一九九八年十月一日 / 美國中西部 / RACCOON CITY; Pinyin: Yījiǔjiǔbā nián shí yuè yī rì/ měiguó zhōng xībù/ RACCOON CITY
  3. Chinese: 一磚豆腐、一磚活生生的豆腐?! 這是甚麼回事?; Pinyin: Yī zhuān dòufu, yī zhuān huóshēngshēng de dòufu?! Zhè shì shénme huí shì?; Translation: "A block of tofu; a living block of tofu!? What is going on?"
  4. Chinese: 女喪屍的血盤大口己狠狠的噬中豆腐。; Pinyin: Nǚ sàngshī de xuè pán dàkǒu jǐ hěn hěn de shì zhōng dòufu.
  5. Chinese: 不會荒謬至變出一磚喪屍化豆腐出來吧?!; Pinyin: Bù huì huāngmiù zhì biàn chū yī zhuān sàngshī huà dòufu chūlái ba? !
  6. Excerpt from page 32:
    Chinese: 那麼這東西就是T與G所組合的生化兵器。; Pinyin: Nàme zhè dōngxi jiùshì T yǔ G suǒ zǔhé de shēnghuà bīngqì.
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