BIOHAZARD 3 Supplemental Edition VOL.2 is the second volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


VOL.2 begins with charting the life of Leo. Conceived in 1945 to agricultural labourers celebrating the end of the Second World War, Leo left his family's employment for the Umbrella Corporation. Finding that his work was being used for bio-weapons research, his life began to lower in quality as a prisoner of Umbrella. At one point he has a prepoterous idea of moving a puppy's spinal cord into a giant tofu brick to create Umbrella's nemesis.[excerpt 1] He was soon after apprehended by Umbrella.[excerpt 2] Eventually, the "bald executive" (the same one who was heavily involved in the Nemesis development project) had those close to him put to death in front of him; by this time. Leo was then chained up and abandoned.

BIOHAZARD 3 Supplemental Edition VOL.2 - page 22

Ada, engulfed by the tentacles.

With Raccoon City being destroyed around him thanks to the turmoil of the biological outbreak, he was able to escape imprisonment with his sentient block of tofu. His biography ends with him coming into contact with the large creature seen at the end of the last volume. The creature looks at Leo from very close range, and he does the same. It "introduces" itself as the "Annihilator" (presumably part of Leo's delusions),[excerpt 3] and assumes Leo as its master, being as loyal to him as any dog.[excerpt 4]

Ada explores the wreckage of the underground laboratory in search of the G-Virus - she remembers almost dying in Leon's arms. She runs around the corner and straight into the Annihilator. Not interested in harming Leo at all, the Annihilator attacks Ada, though her firearms skills quickly force it to the ground. Ada puts her handgun to Leo's head. The Annihilator does what it can to protect its new 'master' and uses its tentacles against Ada.

BIOHAZARD 3 Supplemental Edition VOL.2 - page 25

Leon is taken into custody by the US military.

Leo explains to her that with a "little force", it will send her into unconsciousness.[excerpt 5] As the Annihilator prepares to impregnate Ada, Leo explains to the semi-conscious woman that the creature "wants to manufacture disaster" and to bring about human extinction.[excerpt 6]

BIOHAZARD 3 Supplemental Edition VOL.2 - page 33

Ada has been impregnated by the Annihilator.

Meanwhile, Leon drives down the highway to head back into Raccoon City, which shows clear evidence of the heavy bombing suffered by the city.[excerpt 7] coming into contact with the military barricade. He is informed that he can go no further, as they have closed the roads;[excerpt 8] they declare that the military has taken over the situation, further demonstrating that the city's own police no longer have any jurisdiction.[excerpt 9] Suddenly, they encircle him, with their weapons ready. He is then taken for questioning regarding the G-Virus. We see Leon being allowed entry into the city.

He returns to the damaged underground laboratory complex, where he finds an unconscious Ada. He helps her awaken, but she moves away from him. Ada suddenly feels a "change" in her body chemistry,[excerpt 10] that her belly has forced her belt to unbuckle, and a strange light source shines from her.



Further notes

The cheaper of the two special editions for this volume was priced at HK$28, and used a picture of Carlos Oliveira as the cover's front.[1] The more expensive version used a variant of the standard issue's cover (removing the hand and weapon to only show the Annihilator). It was priced at $20 and came with a silver figurine of William Birkin's G4-stage mutation.[2]


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