BIOHAZARD 3 Supplemental Edition VOL.3 (simplified Chinese: 生化危机3追加版VOL.3; traditional Chinese: 生化危機3追加版VOL.3; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 3 zhuījiā bǎn VOL.3) is the third issue of SkyWalker's "Zhuījiā bǎn" manhua series, which translates as "Supplemental Edition" (追加, 'supplement'; 版, 'book edition'). The story title for this issue is "Selfish Leon" (Chinese: 自私的LEON; Pinyin: Zìsī de LEON).


Having finally made the decision to head back into the destroyed Raccoon City, Leon has found Ada alive but unwell, feeling extremely cold and experiencing constant pain as she begins to change. A face seems to erupt from the side of her head, terrifying Leon. While there is no mirror for her to look at, she knows something bad is happening to her head.[excerpt 1] Leon runs up to her to help her; Ada barks at him to stay away.[excerpt 2] Still confused, Leon asks her how this happened; [excerpt 3] Ada begins to recover from the episode.[excerpt 4]




  1. Excerpt from Page 3:
    "LEON終於選擇了回RACCOON CITY找ADA, 當他找到ADA之時, ADA竟變得無比令酷, 言語間更令LEON傷心痛絕最後, ADA突然產生異樣的變化……ADA的臉上浮現出一個可怖的輪廓, 更似欲破面而出, 將LEON嚇得手足無措。雖然沒有鏡子, 但ADA卻清楚感到自己此刻的模樣。一個美麗的女子, 如何接受得了在所愛的人面前變成怪物。看見這情境, LEON方寸大亂, 不知應怎樣才能幫得了ADA。"
  2. Excerpt from Page 3:
    Ada: "你別過來呀"
  3. Excerpt from Page 3:
    Leon: "ADA, 怎會這樣的?"
  4. Excerpt from Page 4:
    "極痛過後, ADA的情況有點好轉… 在她臉上的怪物沒有爆破出來。身體亦平復……"

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