BIOHAZARD 3 Supplemental Edition VOL.4 (simplified Chinese: 生化危机3追加版VOL.4; traditional Chinese: 生化危機3追加版VOL.4; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 3 zhuījiā bǎn VOL.4) is the fourth issue of SkyWalker's "Zhuījiā bǎn" manhua series, which translates as "Supplemental Edition" (追加, 'supplement'; 版, 'book edition').


The issue starts with the destruction of Raccoon City from Claire's point of view. Leaving Leon to go after Ada, Claire wants to continue her search for her missing brother, Chris, but now has Sherry as baggage. Sure her parents are dead, Claire looks out for someone to look after the girl, ending up at a police station Chris used to work at before being reassigned to Raccoon City.[excerpt 1] The officers greet Claire - namely Byrne - remembering her from Chris' previous employment. Claire briefs them on the situation in Raccoon City and how she is heading to Paris to find Chris.[excerpt 2][excerpt 3][excerpt 4] Byrne reveals that the intelligence bureau suspects Chris of being an Umbrella agent;[excerpt 5] Claire refuses to believe him, but allows him to explain himself.[excerpt 6][excerpt 7] Byrne shows her camera footage taken from inside Chris' house, which shows Jill hiding out.[excerpt 8] Byrne adds that Jill is also a suspect under surveillance, along with Barry and HUNK, the latter of whom is believed to have a significant involvement in the Raccoon City Incident (and, by extension, Chris; Jill and Barry).[excerpt 9] The evidence against the S.T.A.R.S. members is provided: they served under the Umbrella agent Captain Wesker, and destroyed the laboratory along with evidence against Umbrella. Byrne suspects CHRIS to have timidly gone underground after the destruction of Raccoon City, which makes him even more suspicious.[excerpt 10] Claire assures him Chris has simply traveled to Europe to investigate Umbrella.[excerpt 11] Byrne allows Claire to go to Europe to find Chris, claiming they can sort the matter out this way. Really, this is a trap: Byrne wants Claire to bring Chris to him for arrest.[excerpt 12]

Ready to head off, Claire gets ready to say goodbye to Sherry, who has spoken little since escaping the city.[excerpt 13] Claire apologises for having to leave her at the office.[excerpt 14]


  • Claire
  • Leon
  • Sherry (雪妮)
  • Byrne (拜恩) (first appearance)
  • Jill (photo-only)
  • Barry (photo and flashback)
  • HUNK (photo-only)
  • Wesker (flashback)




  1. Excerpt from Page 3:
    "RACCOON CITY事件, 最後以玉石俱焚作終結。LEON, CLAIRE, 和雪妮, 僥倖在巨爆之前逃出生天。LEON從CLAIRE囗中得知ADA未死, 決意再次進入已變作廢墟的RACCOON CITY尋找ADA的下落。CLAIRE選擇繼續她前來RACCOON CITY的目的, 尋找她的大哥CHRIS。但在離開前必需把雪妮帶至安全的地方。深信雪妮的父母已葬身RACCOON CITY, CLAIRE只好將她帶住她認為安全的地方。她大哥在這裡任職的警署。"
  2. Excerpt from Page 4:
    "來到這警署, 她大哥昔的同僚立刻出來迎接。"
  3. Excerpt from Page 4:
    Byrne: "CLAIRE?!"
    Claire: "拜恩。好久不見, 我也想找妳。來, 來, 來,我們進去詳談。"
  4. Excerpt from Pagr 5:
    Byrne: "要點嗎?
    Claire: "不必了今次我前來找你是為了外面的小女孩。RACCOON CITY事件相信妳一定知到一二。她是事件中的受害者, 我希望你能能暫時照顧着她。"
    Byrne: "妳還有事情要辦?"
    Claire: "嗯!我要去巴黎找大哥的下落!"
    Byrne: "CHRIS!!"
    Claire: "我很担心他現在的情況。"
    Byrne: "……妳暫時可放心。CHRIS現在應該還沒有危險。"
    Claire: "!!"
  5. Excerpt from Page 6:
    Claire: "CHRIS?!"
    Byrne: "這是半個月前, 情報局人員傳送來的資料。"
    Claire: "情報局?"
    Byrne: "沒錯!情報局懐疑CHRIS和UMBRELLA組織有關。"
    Claire: "?!"
  6. Excerpt from Page 7:
    "多年來CLAIRE已知拜恩是CHRIS的好友, 她怎也不相信這些説話出自他的口中,CLAIRE有點邀動。"
  7. Excerpt from Page 7:
    Claire: "沒可能的, 我大哥絶不可能和UMBRELLA組織扯上關係。"
    Byrne: "CHRIS是怎樣的人我當然清楚。但情報局似是掌握着一些證據。"
  8. Excerpt from Page 8:
    Byrne: "In addition, the intelligence bureau have also set a camcorder in CHRIS' home. Well... things are getting worse. See if you know her?" (除此之外情報局亦已在CHRIS的居所設下了攝錄機。唉…事情真的愈來愈糟。妳看看是否認識她?)
  9. Excerpt from page 9:
    Byrne: "Her name is JILL VALENIEA, also a member of S.T.A.R.S. The intelligence bureau is tracking her at the same time." (她的名字叫 JILL VALENTIEA, 同樣是S.T.A.R.S.的成員, 情報局亦同時跟踪着她。)
    Claire: "There's no doubt the suspect JILL and UMBRELLA are related, right?" (他們不是也懷疑JILL是和UMBRELLA組織有關吧?)
    Byrne: "Not only Jill, there's also them. Shockingly, there is also a fourth survivor in the document, and another member of S.T.A.R.S, BARRY. The man in the uniform is called "HUNK", a soldier. An UMBRELLA bodyguard, I believe he has a great relationship with the RACCOON CITY Incident." (不只JILL, 還有他們。文件內赫然還有第四生還者和S.T.A.R.S.的另一成員BARRY。軍服的那人叫HUNK, 曾經是軍人。 是UMBRELLA組織的親兵, 相信與RACCOON CITY事件有着極大的關係。)
  10. Excerpt from page 10:
    Byrne: "The bearded man named Barry is also a member of S.T.A.R.S., belonging to ALPHA TEAM......  About four months ago before starting the investigation of the evil in the outskirts of RACCOON CITY...... Later, the intelligence bureau knew they were involved in Umbrella's biochemical research incident...  Something so out of control and unusual, RACCOON CITY became like their biochemical research base. Surely someone was complicit to cover it up...... Which is their Captain, and the event has a great relationship...It's clear to me CHRIS' personality is doubtful! But losing sight of him now is suspicious, so we're not optimistic about CHRIS!" (有鬍子旳名叫BARRY, 同樣是S.T.A.R.S.的成員, 同屬ALPHA TEAM......約四個月前他們曾一同出發到RACCOON CITY郊外調查此災禍......及後, 情報局知道他們涉及的事件和UMBRELLA 組織的生化研究有關...事情如此不受控制, 極不尋常, RACCOON CITY變成他們的生化研究基地似的, 肯定有人隱瞞甚至同謀......其中他們的隊長更是與事件有着莫大的關係......若不是我清楚CHRIS的人格, 亦會對他作出懷疑! 現在失去踪影, 更加可疑, 這樣下去的話對CHRIS並不樂觀!)
  11. Excerpt from page 11:
    Chris: "Don't worry, I know he's simply gone to Europe to investigate UMBRELLA. I'll find him..." (你放心, 我知到他這次前往歐洲無非是為了調查UMBRELLA組織, 我會找到他的…)
    Byrne: CLAIRE, 妳要記着, 找到CHRIS之後定要和我聯絡,這樣才可以幫得了他。
    Claire: 嗯!
  12. Excerpt from page 11:
    "拜恩他真的想幫CHRIS嗎?並不!說明一切只為取得CLAIRE的信任, 藉此得到有利的資料......達到他的目的。軍用着權力, 手段及交情也要奪取G-VIRUS, 究竟國家欲徹查RACCOON CITY事件?剿滅UMBRELLA組織?還是奪取G-VIRUS據為已有......如同早些前利用LEON回到RACCOON CITY尋找G-VIRUS一樣, 拜恩就是那天拘禁着LEON的中央情報局人員。"
  13. Excerpt from Page 12:
  14. Excerpt from Page 12:
    Claire: 雪妮!妳暫時留下來好嗎?
    Sherry: 妳要離開我嗎?
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