BIOHAZARD 3 Supplemental Edition VOL.5 is the fifth volume of a comic series published by the Hong Konger Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


The mutated Leon Kennedy takes a punch to the belly from the Annihilator. The beneficial mutations of the G-Virus allow Leon to recover quickly, and he breaks the Annihilator's arm while still in him. Leon then releases a powerful burst of Ki which sends the creature flying, catching the surprise of Ada and Leo. When the creature falls to the ground, Leon jumps up and delivers a punch so powerful that its head explodes. With his foe defeated, Leon then takes out his anger on another of Leo's To Fu blocks, impaling it. Leo tries to shoot him as he escapes with Ada, but the mutant uses the block as a hostage. As the two reach safety in an enclosed space in the Umbrella facility, Leon returns to his human form. Feeling intense pain, Ada hugs him and he recovers.

Back in the ruins, Leo investigates the body of the Annihilator. Also thanks to the G-Virus, the creature begins to heal. Due to his close proximity, it absorbs him into its being and develops an urge to hunt down Leon.

Meanwhile, in Europe (歐洲), Claire reaches Umbrella's skyscraper headquarters building. Infiltrating the building, she goes into the sewers through a manhole. Jumping into a body of water, she finds a panel in her way. Claire breaks it open and swims to the top. Reaching an executive's office, she sees a pair of jeans and a "Let Me Live" Queen-themed jacket hung up on a coat hanger. Soaking wet, she gets changed.

Claire spies a computer and tries to gain access into its systems. Exploring the facility further, she walks into a room containing capsules. Inside are Chris, Jill, Carlos and a fourth person.




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