• A HUMVEE pulls up outside a Raccoon City Municipal Warehouse.

Roberto: The Doctor's really hiding in this hellhole?

Roger: We have obtained her signal from her identity card, but our mission is to confirm if she is still alive.

Klaus: With all the food in the area, it's a good place to hole up.

  • Norman steps out of the vehicle.

Norman: Maybe a zombie ate her and walked off with her card.

  • Ed does so too.

Ed: In any case, we'll see what we find.

  • Klaus gives the hand sign to open the warehouse door.

Klaus: Spread out and search the place.

  • Roberto goes in one direction, alone.

Roberto: This place stinks.

  • Roberto examines a box of apples, only to be attacked by a monster. The rest of the squad react to the sudden noise and watch helpless as their comrade is impaled by a large thing.
Roger: What the hell is that?
  • Klaus and Roger open fire. Meanwhile, on the other side of the building, Ed and Norman prepare to do the same.
Ed: Fall back! Hey, freak, take this!
  • Ed fires his weapon at the creature, which falls to the ground immediately after being hit.
  • Roger gets up off the floor and picks up the GPS.
Roger: The signal is moving. The doctor is still in the area.
Klaus: We have to finish the mission quickly, before we're all history.
Norman: Ed, let's go.
  • The soldiers leave the monster's corpse without noticing a cockroach standing behind a tendon. The small creature walks towards the group, where Klaus and Roger are talking.
Klaus: That was close. I never heard of that bitch of a monster before.
  • The cockroach mutates to form spines, just like the monster before it.
  • Klaus pushes Roger.
Roger: That's irrelevant; do not digress from the mission for anything!
Klaus: I'm not stupid; I know that you're some Umbrella big shot. I've just lost one of my men and that puts me on the edge!
  • The Cockroach climbs up a pile of boxes and runs to a Rat.
  • Ed fires his Assault Rifle at a group of crows, which had surrounded their HUMVEE.
Ed: Eat this!
  • Klaus walks up to him.
Klaus: Ed, we're moving out. Man the machine gun.
  • A creature runs up to the HUMVEE as it starts up and makes a U-turn out of the compound, nearly being crushed in the process. The creature is revealed to be an horrific merger of the Rat and the Cockroach.
  • The Rat/Roach attacks an injured Crow and transfers its genes into the injured creature. The outcome of which ends in only the Crow surviving.
  • The Crow flies up, far above Raccoon's buildings, in search of the UBCS team, who pass a Zombie in their HUMVEE. Driving on up to a crossroads, the HUMVEE stops on the road.
  • Ed opens up a manhole for the other three.
Ed: Where does this lead?
Roger: This is where the signal is strongest.
  • Klaus examines the hole.
Klaus: Ed, you stay here and secure the exit.
Ed: Finally. This little party was starting to get out of hand.
Norman: We shouldn't be long. Watch your back.
  • As the three descend, the Crow sits on a pole, watching Ed.
  • The three come to a sewer line, the doctor is not present.
Ed: Halt! The signal is no longer moving. She is here.
Klaus: Can you breach this wall?
  • Norman gives Klaus a thumbs-up hand-gesture, and promptly destroys the wall with explosives.
  • Klaus and Roger investigate the room whilst Norman guards the hole. An infected Labrador jumps at Klaus, who shoots it midair.
Klaus: Looks like the bitch got chased down by this dog.
  • Klaus examines doctor Cameron's ID card, attached to the dog's tag, confirming that the dog was hers.
Klaus: Where do we go now? We've got nothing else to track.
  • Roger begins typing up on Cameron's computer
Roger: Don't worry about it. Our mission is complete. We can evacuate immediately.
Klaus: Evacuate? What? Do you mean our mission is complete?
  • Roger shows to Klaus a floppy disk.
Roger: The company simply requires this data. It is regarding the matter of genetic therapy that Dr. Cameron created to care for herself after she was infected by the new virus. This data is the result of her research into molecular regeneration.
  • Rats begin surrounding Norman.
Klaus: What the...?
Roger: It would seem that the treatment failed.
  • Norman continues to sweep away the Rats.
  • Roger: We believe she did not want us to see the terrible results that her research created and that is why she tried to evade us.
Klaus: Don't you think the doctor would be more useful to us?
Roger: Don't you get it? The monster you just blew to pieces was Dr. Cameron, after her transformation.
  • Klaus picks up Roger by the neck, strangling him.
Klaus: You son of a bitch! Do you take us for idiots?
  • Klaus throws Roger into the Labrador corpse.
Klaus (over radio): Ed, I'm coming up, I trust all is well?
  • Klaus walks out of the hole just as Ed screams from the outside.
  • The Crow continues to peck at Ed's eyes, whose weapon fire continues to miss. Meanwhile, the zombies "sniff them out" and walk to the teams location.
  • Roger, still in the lab, still lies on the floor, looking for the disk which he dropped.
Roger: The data...where is it?
  • Norman exits a tunnel into the main sewer line and begins walking up the ladder, Klaus exits the tunnel shortly after. Bullets from Ed's assault rifle fall from the top.
  • A creature suddenly tears Norman in half, taking his head, torso and arms with it.


  • The creature is revealed to be none other than an infected Ed, suffering the same effects as Cameron.
Klaus: Die!
  • Klaus' 9x19mm Parabellum rounds have no effect on the Ed monster, and he is now being chased through the sewers.
  • Klaus jumps through a small hatch too big for Ed to fit through. As Klaus walks up a set of ladders, Ed breaks the hatch, but seemingly abandons Klaus.
  • Klaus raises the grate slowly to inspect to area first, having previously witnessed the consequences of Norman's mistake. Climbing over, he sees a large number of zombies nearby, all heading to the HUMVEE.
  • Klaus takes one zombie down with a head shot, and injures another by fitting his handgun through its mouth and firing. Tentacles break through the ground and kill the zombies in its search for Klaus.
  • Ed, now on top, takes Klaus' weapon and so begins a chase to the HUMVEE. Ed's tentacle's damages Klaus' leg, but does not infect him. About to make the finishing blow, Ed is hit by the HUMVEE, driven by Roger.
Roger: Get in!
  • Klaus climbs onto the HUMVEE's machine gun turret, knocking over a nearby zombie, and aims towards Ed.
Klaus: I hope you understand, Ed...
  • Ed is killed by a wave of machine gun fire as the HUMVEE escapes.

  • In the evening, outside Raccoon's limits, Klaus awakes in the passenger seat.
Klaus: Well, it looks like I owe you one. Thanks for your help. But I still don't understand how Ed got transformed into the same type of monster as the doctor.
Roger: The infection probably originated from a small animal. Cameron's genes had fused with the virus and regenerated themselves inside his body.
Klaus: Regenerated themselves? What does that mean?
Roger: Yes, thanks to the doctor's virus, she became practically immortal.
  • Klaus is suddenly impaled through the stomach by a large claw. As he struggles to breath in pain, another claw impales where a normal human's heart would be.
Roger takes of his sunglasses as a Cockroach enters his ear. Mutations in the head push his hat off.
Roger: After I was reduced to a cloud of dust in the wearhouse...
  • Roger turns his head to reveal Cameron's face attached to his side.
Roger/Cameron: I decided to observe you.
Roger/Cameron: As I did, I realised the company had sent a team to apprehend my research, but you turned out to be the perfect guinea pigs.
  • Roger/Camera begins to mutate further, continuing to move closer to Klaus.
Roger/Cameron: I will continue to change, even though my looks are returning to normal. I will re-emerge, again and again. Umbrella will never get their hands on my research.
  • Tentacles appear on Roger/Cameron's hand, which slams into and through Klaus' head, destroying it completely.
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