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BIOHAZARD 6 ✕ Zombie Café was a collaboration between Resident Evil 6 and the mobile game Zombie Café.[1] The event was exclusive to the Japanese iOS version of the game.[2]


At the 2012 Tokyo Game Show, Capcom had announced a collaboration project between the upcoming Resident Evil 6 and the mobile game Zombie Café.[3] The event was held to promote Resident Evil 6, but also to commemorate the Resident Evil series selling 50 million units worldwide.[2] The event began on September 20, 2012.[1][4]


The event featured a special boss café called the BIOHAZARD 6 Café (バイオ6カフェ baio 6 kafe?), based in Lanshiang.[4] Inside, the player would have to compete against the café while the Resident Evil 6 cast—Leon Scott Kennedy, Helena Harper, Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans, Jake Muller, Sherry Birkin, and Ada Wong—are all working.[4] The café included three exclusive dishes based on the series: the Licker Roast (リッカーの丸焼き likkā no maruyaki?), a whole roast based on the Licker enemy; the Raccoon Tea (ラクーンティ rakūnti?), a tea based on the t-Virus and G-Virus and named after Raccoon City; the J'avo Ikezukuri (ジュアヴォの活造り juavu~o no katsu-dzukuri?),[note 1] a gourmet dish based on the J'avo enemy; and the Rocket Lunch, a lunch shaped like a Rocket Launcher.[1][4] Completing the event stage or purchasing a special Furniture Roulette (家具ルーレット kagu rūretto?) for $1,500 in the game store would award the player an exclusive piece of Resident Evil 6 furniture for the player's own restaurant.[4] These included a promotional poster for Resident Evil 6, a BSAA North American branch wall decoration, a D.S.O. wall decoration, an Edonian Liberation Army wall decoration, and a Typewriter.[4][5]


Further notesEdit

  • Although the restaurant is based in China, all of the characters are wearing their Tall Oaks and Edonia Republic clothing (with the exception of Ada, who only wears one outfit during the campaign).


  1. The original title of the dish appears to be based on ikezukuri.
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