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[[es:Resident Evil Assault The Nightmare]]
[[es:Resident Evil Assault The Nightmare]]
[[Category:Resident Evil promotions]]

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BIOHAZARD A.T.N. ASSAULT THE NIGHTMARE is a video game in the Resident Evil franchise. It was released in 2002 for mobile phones under the NTT DoCoMo operator in Japan. It was sold as part of a subscription to 'Capcom Party' at ¥350 per month.


街の外れの洋館から救難信号を受け、出動したキミを待っていたのは恐ろしいゾンビども。 手にした銃だけを頼りに怪物だらけの洋館を生き延びろ!!"
— Official description[1]


The game operates as a First Person Shooter, and features the player roaming around the Arklay mansion shooting at zombies and lickers with weapons such as a handgun; shotgun and submachine gun.


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  1. ケータイカプコン バイオハザード A.T.N. ASSAULT THE NIGHTMARE (Japanese). Capcom. Retrieved on 2013-05-24.

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