BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica VOL.1 is the first volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


Three months after the incident in Raccoon City, Claire has been captured by Umbrella. Taken by helicopter to a prison island, she is knocked unconscious by a rifle butt to prevent scape. The story behind her capture is re-told in a flashback - she infiltrated an Umbrella base, but was caught by its security team after a destructive chase.

Claire wakes up in a dark prison cell; someone enters the room, but she can't make out who. Still in possession of Chris' lighter, she flips it on to see the security chief looking back at her. He lets her out of the cell and sits at his desk; he is injured, and throws an empty medicine bottle on the floor in anger at being unable to disguise the pain.

Allowed to leave the prison, Claire takes the opportunity. Finding herself in a cemetery as it rains, she becomes distressed when a crashed car explodes and a towering, muscular zombie walks out. Falling to the ground, another zombie grabs her arm from underground. Getting back up, she is then surrounded by a number of zombies. Taking out a knife she found, Claire stabs one in the back of the head. As another moves in, Claire dodges its bite and pushes it over. She then resorts to jumping over gravestones to get out of the cemetery.

BIOHAZARD CODE Veronica VOL.1 - pages 20 and 21

Claire is surrounded in the cemetery.

Claire exits the cemetery, and is immediately shot at from a man at a guard post. She takes cover behind a military vehicle, where she finds a handgun. Returning fire, she destroys a spotlight. Realising she is not a zombie, the man surrenders. He is then revealed to be a teenage prisoner. He is unsuccessful in earning Claire's forgiveness, and leaves to find his own means of escape.

Claire walks through the camp grounds, finding her way inside one of the huts. The bodies lying across the room come to life at the sight of Claire, and she is forced into the prisoners' sleeping area. A zombie trying to break through a window distracts Claire from the horde, and they catch up. Including the zombie break-in, at least seven now stand mere feet away.


  • Claire (first appearance)
  • Guard (first appearance)
  • Steve (first appearance)


Further notes

Umbrella's capture of Claire was also shown in the sequel to BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE.


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