BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica VOL.2 is the second volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. The story is entitled "Frozen for Fifteen Years" (Chinese: 冰封15年; Pinyin: Bīng fēng 15 nián).


Surrounded by zombies in the prison camp, Claire charges at them and then fires her handgun at point-blank. The bullet travels through all seven of them. She collects two submachine guns from a corpse and safely makes her way to Steve in a security room. Steve informs her that Umbrella is tracking a man named "Chris Redfield", who Claire confirms as her brother. When Claire suggests calling someone for help, Steve becomes irritated and leaves, believing that no one would bother to help them. Claire finds a strange emblem, recognising it to be of importance. With a 3D printer, she prints a copy made from TG-01, an undetectable metallic alloy. Using it on large door, she escapes the camp.

Claire reaches the official residence, entering through the hall. Feeling watched, she makes her way to the screening room, where she sees a video of two young children. A hatch opens and she find some lugers. As she returns to the hall, a sniper fires at her from upstairs. He then leaves, laughing away.

Claire escapes back to the official residence vestibule. Moving down to the berth, she enters the submarine and travels to the underwater submarine berth. Moving into the waiting room, Claire finds a group of zombie security officers eating an unlucky survivor. She manages to kill some with her bowgun, using gunpowder. Of those that survive, she uses ordinary bows.

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In the biological laboratory, a surviving researcher sits against the wall, trapped in the room. He hears a noise coming from the capsules. Knowing that the creature inside is waking up, he tries to smash open a window to escape into the Preparation room, but it is shatter proof. Claire enters the room, and he gets her attention. A siren goes off, announcing the creature's attempt to break out. The creature - a Bandersnatch - grabs the man's head. Claire tries to free him by shooting at the creature, but she fails to break the glass. The Bandersnatch, meanwhile, presses the man's head against the window, cracking it. It eventually breaks the glass, and destroys the man's head in the process. Stretching its arm, it grabs Claire's head, ready to do the same.


  • Claire
  • Steve
  • Alfred Ashford (first appearance)
  • Alexia Ashford (first appearance, recording)
  • Researcher (first appearance)


  • Supervisor: Xǔ jǐng tàn (許景探)
  • Editor-in-chief: Mǐ Qí (米奇)
  • Writer: Lǐ Zhōngxìng (李中興)
  • Production Director: Zhāng Yǒngkāng (張永康)
  • Planner: Yú Yǒngliáng (余詠良)


Further notes

The fast pacing between Claire going to the airport and entering the laboratory gives the false impression that they are in the same place.


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