BIOHAZARD Dash (バイオハザード ダッシュー baiohazādo dasshū?) was a proposed sequel to Resident Evil.


In the development of Resident Evil, the team at Planning Room 2 had to cut out a considerable portion of the game to reach the release date, something the developers regretted significantly. Whereas the Resident Evil 2 project moved to an urban setting, Dash was to return to what remained of the mansion. The game, pitched by Yoshiki Okamoto, would have re-used existing environment assets from Resident Evil but modified to appear damaged. In the proposed setting, it would be around the year 2001 by which what remained of the mansion has been taken over by irregular mutants from the surrounding forest such as giant spiders and lizards.[1]

Dash was ultimately abandoned a very short time after it was pitched in order to focus on Resident Evil 2, and it is uncertain if anyone was assigned to the project beyond Okamoto himself. The general idea for a follow-up was revisited several more times over the next year, including a rejected final act to Resident Evil 2 and a rejected extra story mode for the Saturn Resident Evil port, before finally being featured in the 1997 radio play, BIO HAZARD DRAMA ALBUM ~The Doomed Raccoon City~ VOL.1.


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