The BIOHAZARD Grand Novel Prize (公認バイオハザード小説大賞 kōnin baiohazādo shōsetsu taishō?) was a competition held in Japan by Media Works, publishers of the gaming magazine series, Dengeki, in partnership with Capcom. A story writing competition, competition Tadashi Aizawa and Suiren Kimura's works, Rose Blank and to the Liberty respectively, were published as light novels.

Rules Edit

Story rules Edit

Media Works would own the copyright and publishing rights to the story, meaning that established writers were ineligible from submitting amended versions of their published works. Fan fiction writers could submit existing fanfiction or even doujin if they provided the URL if online. The story had to be set in the Resident Evil universe in some form or another, whether being a novelisation of a game, a spin-off carrying over established game characters, or even an entirely new story with a new cast.[1]

Submission rules Edit

Two types of story overall could be submitted - "Feature" and "Short". "Feature" stories had to be 250-350 A4 sheet pages long, containing 400 vertical characters per page. An 800-character summary page would also be sent out alongside contact details for the contestant. Applications had to be by paper, whether the manuscript or a URL link, and stories on a Floppy Disc were not acceptable.[1]

Manuscripts were to be sent before the 31 August 2001 deadline, with 3-5 finalists being selected. In December 2001, the selection committee would then declare the Grand Prize, Gold Prize and one to three Silver Prize winners. The Grand Prize winner would be their story published as a book with 1 million yen as a further prize, the Gold Prize winner would also get their story published and win 300,000 yen, and the Silver Prize winners were to receive 100,000 yen.[1]

The selection committee itself consisted of five people. Yoshiki Okamoto, President of Flagship, and Shinji Mikami, Studio 4 Producer, were to represent Capcom. Alongside them were writers Osho Osawa and Miyuki Miyabe, and Masatsuka Tsukada, chief editor of Dengeki.[1]

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