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Biohazard Outbreak Survive (バイオハザード アウトブレイク サバイヴ Baiohazādo autobureiku sabaivu?) is a mobile phone game released in Japan in 2011 for the GREE social networking service. Survive was free-to-play with purchasable upgrades. The game was up from 20 June 2011 until the server closure on 29 May 2015.[1] As of 23 May 2012, the game had exceeded 2 million users.[1] The game's servers shut down in 2015 following the bankruptcy of its developer, Applica.[2]


The game was marketed as a "Social Survival Horror" title, introducing a typical social gaming aspect to the franchise. Players would complete a number of missions, and send health and other items to their friends to prop them up. Over the course of the game players would unlock new characters to play as, with character variations being subject to rarity. As the game was built around a squad, each character filled a role in that squad, with such character types as "Backup", "Center", "Tailgun" and "Flanker".


The rarest cards could be unlocked by getting high scores in events, or by purchasing them from the store as a microtransaction. Initially rarity was limited to "Super Rare", "Super Rare+" and "Super Super Rare", but "Super Super Rare+" and "Ultra Rare" were introduced by March 2014, leading to a change in prices in the store.


The game was first released for iOS and Android phones capable of using the iOS 4.3 and Android OS 2.1 firmware, respectively.[1] In December 2011, the game was also made available for DoCoMo, au and SoftBank phones.[1]

To commemorate the franchise's 15th Anniversary, additional cards were added to the game, including a special Jill card in police uniform (echoing an alternate costume in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis).[3]

From 20-30 June 2013 the second anniversary event took place. People logging in daily received tokens, which could be used at the shop to buy the 2nd Anniversary exclusive "[SSR] Chris", "[SSR] Jill", "[SSR] Wesker", "[SR+] Claire", "[SR+] Leon" and "[SR+] Krauser" cards.[4]

From 20-30 June 2014 the third anniversary event took place as a "Mercenaries NEO" event. Players racked up points killing Popokarimu and Chainsaw Majini, with high scorers unlocking the "[LR] Chris" and "[UR] Ultimate Sheva" characters. Anyone logging in during the period was awarded with "[SSR+] Ashley".[5]

On 12 September 2014 another "Mercenaries NEO" event took place, which introduced the "[BHR] Wesker" and "[BHR] Chris" cards.[6]

From 23-31 October 2014 the "StrikesBack" Hallowe'en promotion took place. Participants would defeat numerous "Graesca" enemies and collect their heads to exchange for limited-edition character cards such as "[UR] Little Red Riding Hood Sheva", "[SSR+] Rachel" and "[BHR] Steve".[7] From 17-26 December the "SurviveRush" Christmas promotion took place, featuring the reindeer-themed "Morsleno" enemy, which rewarded players with Christmas Wreaths when killed, which could be exchanged for "[UR] Ada", "[SSR+] Barry"; the amount of wreaths collected depended on if the players had killed the 1st, 2nd or 3rd stage version of Morsleno. The player with the highest score won the "[BHR] Leon" card.[8]





  • First Aid Spray
  • Master Key
  • Rocket Launcher



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