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The plot of BIOHAZARD THE STAGE revolves around an apparent bioterrorist attack on Philosophy University in Western Australia. The BSAA sends in a team, led by Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans, to contain the outbreak. There they meet Rebecca Chambers, former S.T.A.R.S. medic, now a teacher at the university. Together they meet a young ex-cop named Tyler Howard (タイラー・ハワード) who may have some information regarding the attack.

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Act 1 Edit

The play begins with a soliloquy by US-STRATCOM agent Tyler Howard (Hiroshi Yazaki), who confesses that he is not dead in the pouring rain, surrounded by umbrellas styled with the Umbrella logo.

Moving on, the start truly begins at Philosophy University in Philosophy, Western Australia on Thursday 12 August 2010 at 15:40. BSAA adviser and academic Dr. Rebecca Chambers leads a science lecture. A month into her job as a temporary lecturer, she is disrupted in class by student Olivia Price, who wants to know about her personal life, but continues on. Student Mary Grey is perplexed by a chemical reaction formula Dr. Chambers provided, which she fails to understand. Due to her status as a genius, she becomes the subject of ridicule by Price's boyfriend, Lucas Butler, of whom Grey has a crush on. Dr. Chambers explains that the formula has never been solved and is being shown to class to highlight how there is still much to understand in the sciences. Grey offers that the formula could be solved if the world was run by more intelligent people "more than human". Dr. Chambers is somewhat disturbed by her suggestion, but the bell stops her from explaining why.

After leaving class, Grey runs up the stairs to the building's rooftop to be alone. She stops crying when she sees Howard on the rooftop. Though she does not know him, she begins talking to him, sensing he is on the rooftop for similar reasons to her. They talk of loneliness and how they interpret it - for Howard loneliness is only something miserable people feel and are unable to speak out about; for Grey it is something which forces one to change their lifestyle. The two however agree that neither of whom feel truly alive due to this loneliness. Grey feels an instant attraction to him over this, and asks to meet him again on the rooftop, saying it is the beginning of her new life.

Dr. Chambers meets with Bethany, a fellow staff member, who talks of how she is having to teach beyond her specialty due to unusually high level of intelligence her students have. After this she quickly moves on to more dire news, that a student has disappeared from campus, one of several in the past two months. Dr. Chambers meets with the rector, Ezra Sennett, to talk about Grey. She it cut off by Sennett's secretary, Matthew Russel, who urges her not to disrupt Grey's education. Sennett moves on to the subject of the missing persons cases, and suggests staff members should not let rumour flood the university, as he has spent far too many years of his life building up its reputation. Dr. Chambers is introduced to Barrington Meyer, a police detective assigned to the investigation; Dr. Chambers is left unaware that Detective Meyer is himself being bribed to keep the university itself out of the investigation. He begins asking her her about her interest in natural history, having seen her at the natural history museum and the library of archaeology several times. She brushes this off, as her science background means she would naturally be interested in such academic matters. When she leaves, Detective Meyer receives his bribe and leaves. Russel expresses his own suspicious about Detective Meyer's reliability, but Sennett insists that he is the sort of man who will forever remain loyal so long as the bribes keep coming, with their only problem being the other policemen.

Dr. Chambers walks past Grey, who apologises for her outburst in class, saying she has recently been struggling to find her true potential. Asking her lecturer chose her own life, Dr. Chambers agrees, and suggests if she ever find out her raison d'etre she should dedicate herself to it. Dr. Liam Hamilton approaches Grey later to congratulate her on her paper, "Reset". Dr. Chambers meanwhile is called to attention by Price and Butler, to something happening at the university. Bethany takes the two students and Grey to a nearby AV room while Dr. Chambers co-ordinates the evacuation of the other students. Bethany seals the students in the AV room, but Butler and Grey take note Price isn't with them. Travelling alone through the university halls, Dr. Chambers spots Tyler Hamilton, who she recognises by name, but he doesn't stop.

Meanwhile, in the desert, Cpt. Chris Redfield drives in a BSAA Gambit through Western Australia, headed to Philosophy. His passenger, Piers Nivans, is unfamiliar with Dr. Chambers, and is told she is a former S.T.A.R.S. member. Nivans gets a call from the Oceania Branch HQ about the university outbreak, and reports they are closing in on the university. The two arrive at 16:45 the same day, and shoot a Zombie Dog on the way in.

In a flashback to the 1998 Mansion Incident, the young Chambers, then a medic for the Raccoon City Police Department's S.T.A.R.S. division, finds herself all alone in the Spencer Mansion. Her attempts at contacting her teammates on the radio fail. She ends up in a medical store room on the ground floor's west wing, noticing that all of the medicines are made by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. As Zombies make their way towards the room, gunshots ring out. Inside walks Redfield who, being from a different unit within S.T.A.R.S., Chambers does not know. Redfield's Alpha Team had been sent out a few hours earlier to located and rescue Bravo Team; asking if Chambers knows where her teammates are, she is unable to help but brings up how Umbrella must have a laboratory nearby. She offers to use her skills to treat injured members, but leaves to help Redfield.

The flashback continues to the Arklay Laboratory itself, with music implying she helped him with the piano at the mansion's bar. The two S.T.A.R.S. members converse in the lab about destroying it to finally remove any trace of the virus and the resulting monsters; Redfield entrusts her with destroying the lab while he does other things. Chambers is successful in setting off the bomb, forcing the mansion and its lab to explode. Narration continues, describing how Umbrella Pharmaceuticals' role in the illegal research could not hold up after the explosion and they continued to be in business until 2003, when research data incriminating them mysteriously ended up in the hands of the court presiding over the Raccoon Trials. Found liable for damages over Raccoon City's destruction, the company went bankrupt. With the corporate hierarchy dismantled, former employees began seizing virus samples and B.O.W.s for sale on the black market, forcing other pharmaceutical giants to create the BSAA as a means of combating bioterrorism.

The flashback moves on to 2005 in Minnesota. A bioterrorist incident has taken place in the city of St. Cloud. The BSAA involves itself in the containment alongside police reinforcements sent from nearby Rochester. Tyler Hamilton, one of the officers, uncovers incriminating information relating to the collapsed Umbrella USA. Confronted by Zombies, he begins shooting them but is unable to kill them. Chambers arrives and begins shooting alongside him, and explains he must aim for the head. Following the terror incident, the US government recruits Hamilton into US-STRACOM's Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team as an alternative to assassinating him, as his intimate knowledge of Umbrella's bioweapons research is a liability. He is declared killed in the line of duty to separate himself from his former life. Moving to 2009, Redfield has become an SOU leader for the BSAA's North America branch, and is concentrating on training new recruits. Among his best is Nivans, who's sharpshooting skills are top-rated. The flashback ends as shoots begin firing out.

Back in the present, the audience is briefly introduced to a university security guard, Posh Brown, who is having to investigate the abandoned corridors due to the lack of evacuation orders. Elsewhere, Chief and Piers find Rebecca in the security room, who is with BSAA agent Sophie Home and Meyer. Sophie reveals that the BSA Oceanic Branch she belongs too has the university surrounded to prevent any Zombies escaping. Meyer insists they avoid causing a panic in the city, which Chris agrees with as much as mission will allow. Piers asks Meyer for police information on the situation. Philosophy's police have been aware of students disappearing for months. Chris asks why the security staff are not present in the room, prompting a look through the CCTV where they spot Brown. Chris sets up the plan: he; Piers and Rebecca will clear the Zombies in the west side of the campus and close the fire doors to deny the Zombies the chance to gang up on them. Home and Meyer are instructed to do the same to the east wing, thus removing the need for further BSAA support. Home objects to being paired with a man she already loathes; Piers quietly tells her that Chris does not trust him being paired with Rebecca. Before they split up, Chris provides Meyer with a handgun with laser sighting to make it easier to fight Zombies, but removes the bullets as Meyer looks away. Piers hands Home a radio so the team can stay in contact, implying he thinks Meyer may try to harm her.

When Chris; Rebecca and Piers head out to explore the west wing, Rebecca alerts Chris to the bribes Meyer received. She also suggests the involvement of Professor Liam Howard, a university lecturer and director of the natural history museum, as a suspect in the disappearances. As they begin fighting the Zombies, Rebecca is unable to shoot after recognising their faces. Chris defends Rebecca, explaining to Chris she is a BSAA medical advisor - not a soldier. They discuss this above Tyler Howard, who is hiding under a staircase. When they leave, he gets out to follow them.

A short scene follows that is a soliloquy by Matthew Russell, who fears he may have to betray Sonnett. In Sonnett's office, he is having a meeting with Professor Howard over research Howard has been carrying out. Sonnett accuses him of carrying out the viral outbreak and of the student abductions which Meyer discovered (off-screen). Ezra reveals that the reason why he does not want the police to investigate the university is because its closure would undermine his efforts to create a safe haven for gifted young adults. Professor Howard is revealed to have used the t-Virus on Sonnett's orders to improve human intelligence in order to better humankind. Sonnett realises that Howard has been taking advantage of the university's funding to carry out his own bioweapons research, which led to the outbreak.

Elsewhere, Olivia Price runs down a corridor on the second floor of the west wing, pursued by zombies. All alone, she texts Lucas and Mary on her phone to find out where they are. Lucas is still in the AV room with Mary on the east wing, trapped when Bethany closed the door. While Lucas discusses ways in which they can escape the room, Mary is more interested in getting an answer for why he does not find her attractive. The zombified Bethany begins banging on the AV room's window, frightening Lucas. Mary continues to interrogate him, but Lucas is too scared by the Zombies to answer. Receiving Olivia's text, Mary decides to go look for her on her own. Olivia texts Lucas a second time, telling him she loves him and that she may be dead soon.

On the first floor, Chris; Piers and Rebecca enter the university's fossil museum. Chris mentions he was given orders to investigate the university several weeks ago; Rebecca believes BSAA HQ was disappointed in her slow progress. The three check a restroom adjoining the museum, where they find Brown has hidden in a cubicle as the lights begin to fail. Asked why he wasn't in the security office, Brown explains he was instructed by Professor Howard to clock up the museum. Rebecca suggests they investigate Howard's research lab, prompting Chris to ask Brown to show them the way. A Zombie attacks Brown, biting him on the leg before being shot. He recognises her as a friendly student called Betty. Brown asks what would happen if he was bitten, though pretends he wasn't. Mary calls Rebecca's phone and tells her that Olivia is unable to get into the AV room due to the fire shutters; Lucas calls out the lie, as he knows Olivia has not arrived yet. Posh has a remote with him that can open the shutters, and presses the button. The Zombies mob the room, but the two escape, with Lucas killing Bethany with an axe. Mary orders the shutters down, locking the Zombies inside. Chris asks Posh to lead himself and Rebecca to the lab while Piers heads out of the museum to look for Home. As they head off, they are followed by Tyler again.

On the east wing, Meyer and Home discuss the differences fighting the infected is from regular combat. Meyer suggests him continuing alone would be better and raises his revolver to her, still unaware it has no bullets. Home takes the revolver off from him, and Meyer insists that the police will deal with the incident, and admits to the bribes to cover up the events. He is attacked by a zombie and Home tries to kill it, discovering it is empty. Piers arrives and kills the Zombie, which gives Meyer an opportunity to run away, which he rejects in favour of fighting Piers. Another Zombie appears, which is killed by Tyler who finally reveals himself to the BSAA. When Tyler insists Professor Howard's innocence in the outbreak and the BSAA immediately leave the university, taking Piers and Home's weapons; Meyer assumes Tyler is working with him, and the two leave together. Lucas and Mary run into the two BSAA agents, and ask for help in finding Olivia. Mary does not follow and goes her own way. Mary runs down a corridor with two other students in the direction of Tyler. They are attacked by Zombies and one is bitten and quickly transforms when Tyler saves the two.

Chris' team climb to the fourth floor of the building. Rebecca identifies an exhibit showing the Irish Giant, the remains of a man discovered a century ago in a mine in Ulster, which has been transported recently to Australia to take part in a research project by Professor Howard. The group is confronted by Zombies, which is ended when Brown closes the shutter separating them. Chris investigates the remains more closely, discovering it is covering a secret room. The three head into the room, where they find documents relating to viral research and bioterrorism. Chris and Rebecca recognise much of the data as being from Umbrella. Further searching uncovers a modified t-Virus strain. Asking Rebecca why she suspected Howard, Chris is told about her meeting with his son, Tyler, who she believes to have died in 2005. In a flashback, Tyler is seen handing her a PDA containing data incriminating Umbrella researchers in the outbreak. He is shown to have been angry at the company ever since his father was employed, believing Umbrella to have used him and that he had disappeared in 2003, which he blamed the company for.

Meyer appears in the room and takes Rebecca hostage. He threatens to kill her if the BSAA allows knowledge of the outbreak to reach the public. Leaving with Rebecca, he warns Chris to kill the Zombies quietly and say nothing about the incident. As the two leave, Mary arrives and sets off a ceiling trap. Chris and Brown then find their way into Howard's lab, where they were supposed to go when they find Brown. Tyler arrives in the lab, who Chris recognises from Rebecca's description. Tyler reveals he is a US government agent with orders to deal with the incident without the BSAA involvement. Chris tries to find common ground with Tyler, suggesting that he is only trying to avoid discovering his father's involvement. Tyler insists that if his father was involved in the incident, it would be Umbrella's fault. Tyler finally backs down to Chris' offer that he search for evidence proving his father's innocence rather than cover-up evidence of guilt. In a flashback Tyler tries to get in contact with his father after his death is faked, only for his father to accuse him of being a spy impersonating Tyler. Tyler recalls a conversation he had with Mary earlier that day in which she mentioned Professor Howard's intent to "reset" the world.

Piers; Home and Lucas arrive at the lab and confirm Meyer's treachery. While they recap Rebecca's abduction, Brown discovers an ID card owned by Professor Howard. Tyler uses the card to open shutters in the lab, which reveal tubes containing the missing students, who have been transformed into zombies. Olivia is among them, having been abducted recently (offscreen).

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