BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CHRONICLES Prelude to the Fall #1 is a manga published in 2007 alongside Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


The 32-page first part begins with a Hummer stopping at a deserted town in the Caucasus region of the Russian Federation. Chris and Jill exit the vehicle discussing their mission. Chris explains their mission: to investigate the area for B.O.W. activity after a "mutant wolf" was recently captured nearby.

Jill discovers an unconscious man leaning over a bench. Moving nearer to investigate, she is horrified by the man's appearance as he turns around to face her: he is a zombie. Walking towards her, Chris forces his handgun down the man's mouth and kills him (á la Klaus). He then berates Jill for not keeping her guard up, exclaiming that the village is already "too far gone". Five more zombie villagers appear in front of them. The two understand who is to blame for this tragedy - Umbrella. Although defeating the group, Chris is forced to use his Combat Knife after his old S.T.A.R.S. Beretta jams.

The two enter a bar, finding it odd that even during a recent t-virus outbreak, there are no uninfected survivors. Just as Chris finishes his sentence, a young girl leaves her hiding place. The girl, Anna, tells the two what happened: The village was attacked by a wolf two days earlier, transforming those attacked into zombies. Too late to simply "flee", Anna was hidden by her father after her mother also transformed. Chris and Jill agree that they should continue their search for survivors, after the discovery of Anna gives them hope.

Reaching a flour silo outside of the village, Anna explains that her father and the other survivors re-grouped in the structure, barricading it to stop the zombies. Entering the building, they find the corridor empty. Chris calls out to any survivors to confirm that they are not zombies. Jill finds the village chief inside a refrigerator - he wasn't infected, but he froze to death. Cornered by zombies, Chris cites them as the reason why the man hid. Over a hundred other zombies come into view. Jill heads for the exit, covered by Chris, but discovers the door to be locked - it's a trap! Finding no other way out, Chris orders Jill and Anna to hide in the refrigerator while he continues fighting the zombies. Out of ammo, he picks up a shotgun and fires at a lightbulb, using it as a heatsource for the flour underneath, to create an explosive that wipes out the zombies.

A voice remarks on Chris' ingenious display of chemistry, soon revealed to be none other than Albert Wesker.


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