BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CHRONICLES Prelude to the Fall #1 is a manga published in 2007 alongside Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


The story begins with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine driving in to the Russian Caucasus. Now working with a private anti-biohazard PMC, the two are investigating reports of a mutant wolf being captured in the area. Spotting an unconscious man lying outside in a small village, Jill approaches to see if he is OK and finds he is suffering from Cannibal Disease. As another five Zombies appear, Chris and Jill are forced to kill them all. When Chris' handgun jams, he is forced to kill one man with his combat knife impaling the man's head.

Though they are disappointed the village appears lost to a t-Virus outbreak, Chris starts to suspect there is something else going on, as while they killed six Zombies the rest of the village's population is unaccounted for. While he considers calling on the radio for reinforcements, the two check out a house and run into a young girl. Showing no signs of Cannibal Disease, the two begin interrogating her. With Chris already having frightened her with his gun, Jill plays the good-cop and learns from the girl, Anna, that a wolf attacked the village two night ago, turning its victims into Zombies. When her mother began displaying symptoms, Anna's father sealed her in a closet to hide. Learning this, Chris considers remaining in the village to look for other survivors in a similar predicament as Anna.

As night falls, Anna leads Chris and Jill over to a grain silo outside the village, where she heard the villagers were being evacuated to. In their initial exploration, there seems to be no sign of the villagers until the discovery of the village chief frozen to death in a refrigerator. Confused as to why he chose to freeze to death, their question is soon answered when the other villagers make their way down the corridor, measured at over one hundred Zombies. The three soon begin running for the exit, but find the door has become jammed. Now cornered, Chris chooses to stand alone against the Zombies, and as Jill and Anna hide in the refrigerator he begins shooting bags of flour, which coat the Zombies. When he shoots out a light bulb, a fire spreads across the corridor, heating up the flour and burning the Zombies covered in it.

Jill and Anna leave the refrigerator with the building now safe from the Zombies, but their safety is short-lived when a man begins approaching them, congratulating Chris on his handiwork. As the man approaches, Chris recognises his face as Dr. Albert Wesker.


  • Chris Redfield
  • Jill Valentine
  • Anna
  • Anna's mother
  • Anna's father
  • Albert Wesker


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