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BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CHRONICLES SIDE A (バイオハザード アンブレラ・クロニクルズSIDE A Baiohazādo: Anburera kuronikuruzu SIDE A?) is the first part of the novelization of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, written by Osamu Makino.[1] Both parts have been officially translated into German. The book consists of four stories: Foreword; Ecliptic Express; Mansion; and Fall of Raccoon City. A fan translation of the German localization was published by Crimson Head Elder.



In the 1960s, Dr. James Marcus discovered the "Progenitor Virus" while researching Paleozoic microbial fossils for a Swiss university. After being embroiled in a scandal involving falsified test results, he was forced to continue his virus research without the university's financial aid. His friend, Oswell E. Spencer had the Spencer Foundation fund Marcus' research at his castle home. Working with Edward Ashford over several years, he succeeded in creating new life by exposing the Progenitor Virus to the ancient Archean atmosphere. Showing Spencer the findings, the three founded the Umbrella Corporation.

The Ecliptic Express[]

In 1998, a young couple is forced to stop their car in the Arklay Mountains at night. While the driver walks to the nearest petrol station to fill up the tank, his date is left in the car waiting for two hours, breaching curfew. She reflects on how terrible their night has gone. When her date returns, he is revealed to be a zombie and he attacks her, ripping into her jugular and splashing blood on the car windscreen.

Later that night, the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team flies their police helicopter over the Arklay Mountains to investigate the murders. Since the couple's murder, a heavy storm has arrived, and the helicopter experiences engine trouble, forcing it into an emergency landing. Edward Dewey asks Rebecca Chambers to check his wounds, annoying her by referring to her as "Medic" instead of her designated role of "Rear Security". Investigating a call for help, she finds that Edward has taken advantage of the landing for hazing.

Captain Marini orders the team out of the helicopter and briefs them on the situation. They are in Area Romeo, northeast of an estate located in the vicinity of the killings. Rather than wait for the weather to clear up to fix the helicopter, Marini has the team start their search of the area right away. Marini notices that the helicopter's radio is down and orders Dooley to wait for the rescue helicopter to look for them, expecting the team to return in two hours.

At 23:02, the team finds an overturned prison transport vehicle alongside the corpses of its military police drivers. While the prisoner cannot be found, the team recovers a document identifying him as Billy Coen, a former marine on death row for war crimes. Captain Marini gives the team new orders to search for Billy instead. Rebecca is paired up with Richard Aiken, but they get separated in the thick forest. Rebecca notices a train stopped in the woods and investigates it. Inside, she is confronted by a zombie and tries to escape. Billy arrives and kills the zombie, but she cannot arrest him due to the situation. They notice the train is already moving and soon encounter leeches.

Meanwhile, William Birkin and Albert Wesker watch security footage of a nearby laboratory, observing zombies on the screens. When a strange man appears, Birkin jokes that it is the ghost of Dr. Marcus. Wesker insists that this man must have a link to the estate, but since they plan to blow it up along with Dr. Marcus' "private zoo", it doesn't matter. Watching more of the footage, Birkin deduces that the leeches Marcus was experimenting on when he was assassinated ten years earlier are the genesis of this new man. The reason it took ten years, he concludes, is due to how hard it was for the leeches to regenerate his brain after being shot in the head.


The Fall of Raccoon City[]