BIOHAZARD VALIANT RAID is a virtual-reality game attraction.


The attraction is located in the Ikebukuro Capcom Plaza store in the "VR-X" area that opens alongside the game on the 19th of July, 2019.[3] There is a Capcom Cafe next to the attraction.[4]

The plot involves playing as Umbrella Security Service members investigating a building that houses a laboratory where the situation gradually becomes chaotic.


BIOHAZARD VALIANT RAID is a virtual reality cooperative game where up to four players can play together at a time. Visually, the game was constructed by re-using character, enemy and weapon models from Resident Evil 2. There are two versions of the game, Normal (2.200 yen) and DX (2.500 yen), the DX version is played at a different area which is equipped with a vibration device for a more realistic experience.[2][4] The attraction takes 35 minutes.[5]

In terms of weaponry, players have access to a handgun, shotgun and machine gun. The handgun and shotgun can be switched back and fourth by raising both hands (shotgun) or one hand (handgun), and are both available by default, while the machine gun is acquired later in the game. It's possible to point one weapon at an enemy directly in front of oneself and point the second weapon at an enemy who is in front of another player, or have players stand back to back.[4] All weapons have infinite ammo, but they must be reloaded.[6]

At one point in the game, the Tyrant will appear and in the DX version of the game, the floor will vibrate every time he attacks.[4]




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