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The BIOHAZARD VENDETTA : Z Infected Experience is a PS VR application on the PlayStation Store that lets players experience Resident Evil: Vendetta from the point of view of a zombie.[1] The featurette is free to play though it requires a PS VR to start up, it is only available in the Japanese PlayStation Store.[2]


Set during the New York bioterrorist attack, player controls a character who gets caught up in chaos and transforms into a zombie due to the airborne Trigger Virus.

Later, the zombie finds himself in an elevator with other infected.[3] A gunshot can be heard from the distance. The elevator leads them to a hallway where Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy are fighting a hoard of infected. The zombie runs past Chris and Ducati motorcycle before getting killed by Leon.

The screen transitions. The player is in front of Chris and Leon as they agrees to split up because "Rebecca's running out of the time" Suddenly, Diego burst through the wall behind them and punches the player, ending the game.





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