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BIOHAZARD WALKTHROUGH THE FEAR (バイオハザード ウォークスルー ザ フィアー baiohazādo wōkusurū za fiā?) (styled as BIOHA7.ARD VVALKTHROUGH THE FEAR) is a virtual reality attraction made to promote Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It was first announced on October 09, 2019 and would be opened on October 26 of the same year.[2]


Six people wake up within the basement of the Baker main house after being attacked and abducted. Their names are Tony Glanz, Alicia Greens, Ridley Suberia, Susan Loth, Paul Harris, and Blaze Sanders. Paul has been severely beaten by Jack Baker, and is thrown through the door into the Incinerator Room where the others are hiding. Blaze tries to protect the survivor, only to become the chosen victim in his place, and dies with a shovel embedded within his face. Rather than kill Paul and the others, Jack choses to leave them for now and let the Molded fight them.

The five make their way through the basement looking for a way out, with Tony, Alicia, Ridley and Susan protecting Paul who is too injured to protect himself. As they make their way into the Morgue they are attacked once again by Jack, who comes at them with a chainsaw. During the fight he sets off an explosion and falls down, his body on fire.

Paul leads the others upstairs, where they try to get out via the garage door which they find to be boarded-up. They are soon followed by Jack, still on fire, who knocks over Paul and impales him in the face while another Molded stalks the remaining four.


Walkthrough the Fear can be played by groups of 2-4 players. Players cannot select to play as Paul or Blaze as they are story-necessary NPCs. As movement and action is based on the player's ability, there is no difference between character options. To prevent better players from gaming the system, items in the map are assigned a colour shared by individual players to equally spread out ammunition - blue handgun ammunition therefore can only be picked-up by the blue player.[3] There are only two enemy types in the game - Jack Baker and standard Molded - though ammunition scarcity makes them more severe a threat than in the console game.[3]

Walkthrough the Fear - Ghost Alicia

Alicia, appearing as a ghost in the Garage stage after her player's game over

The game is split up into separate stages, consisting of the basement and the garage, with the players expected to defeat the boss and enter the elevator to advance to the next stage. Game-overs take place if all players die, or if they run out of time to clear the stage. When a player has died, they will no longer be able to take part in the game and will be represented in-game by a ghost.

To get around VR limitations, the design of the Baker main house has been altered to not require staircases. Movement from the basement to the ground floor now involves an elevator, and there are no stairs required to get from the Dissection Room to the Morgue.


Much like BIOHAZARD VALIANT RAID, BIOHAZARD WALKTHROUGH THE FEAR is an attraction playable at the Ikebukuro Capcom Plaza store. It is also available at the Taito Station Kurayami Amusement Park and the International Resort Hotel Yurakujo in Narita.[4][5] The attraction was briefly open in the Tokyo Dome City as a limited-time promotion, lasting 29 April-26 June 2022.[6] Up to four players can play at once, with the attraction taking 35–40 minutes and costing 2800 yen at the Capcom Plaza store, making it more expensive than BIOHAZARD VALIANT RAID. Only one person is able to make reservations online during 15:00 and 21:00 hours.[7]





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