BIOHAZARD ZombieBuster (バイオハザード ゾンビバスター Baiohazādo zonbibasutā?) is a mobile phone game, first released in 2001[1] and later remastered in 2011. While the 2001 version was made available to western countries in 2006, the 2011 remake ZombieBuster was only released for Japanese mobile phones at a download price of 315 yen.[2][3]


The player must shoot to shove back zombies and other enemies coming from the top of the screen. After many shoots, the enemies die and a boss is fought: the first boss is a Tyrant, the second is a Yawn and the third are numerous crows.

After fighting the three bosses, the game loops with the enemies becoming faster and stronger until the player loses by letting one of the enemies reach the main character. The playable characters are Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Leon has a more powerful gunfire than Claire, but Claire is faster than Leon.


2001 and 2006 original

2011 Remake


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