BIOHAZARD heavenly island 1 is the first volume of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series written by Naoki Serizawa. The first chapter of the volume, Chapter 7, was first published in early 2015. This run ended after two months, with chapters 9-18 being published by Akita Shōten soon after.

Plot Summary

Volume 1 opens with the start of production of a reality show on Sonido de Tortuga island, where a masked man is killing people in the forest with a harpoon. One of the show contestants, Coco, is injured and transforms into a Zombie. She is quietly ignored by producer Mike and fellow contestant Zi Li, and also covers-up damage to their ship caused by the masked man. Meanwhile, TerraSave members Claire Redfield and Inez Diaco are investigating local fish which appear to have mutated from contact with a virus. Claire does her research on Zanahoria Island, while Inez is on Sonido de Tortuga interviewing Marilou Mabou, an island native. A shaman catches the two when they discover a four-armed man tied up in the temple, who Inez believes to be a bio-weapon.

The next day filming begins, minus Coco. The contestants run into the forest, with cameraman AD Tominaga and Mayu being paired up. AD catches footage of Kylie cheating, and her sudden death at the hands of the harpoon figure who impales her with a spear. The two are chased and reach a cliff. AD lures the creature away from Mayu and tricks it into falling off.

Back on Zanahoria Island, Claire confirms from fishermen's reports that there is indeed a mutagenic virus in the region. Looking in the library she finds that Dr. Oswell E. Spencer, The Earl Spencer opened up a facility in the region before Umbrella's collapse. Mike and Zi Li meanwhile are revealed to be agents for a third party organization in search of bioweapons to salvage. Entering the temple they discover the bio-weapon and a tied-up Inez and Marilou.


# Japanese title Translation First publication Notable events
1 Rakuen (楽園?) Paradise Issue 7
2 Janguru no yoru (ジャングルの夜?) Episode 2: Janguru no yoru Issue 8
3 Matsura reshi mono (祀られし者?) Episode 3: Matsura reshi mono Issue 9 Inez and Marilou investigate Sonido de Tortuga's temple.
4 Satsuei kaishi (撮影開始?) Episode 4: Satsuei kaishi Issue 10 Kylie's death.
5 Mori no kaijin (銛の怪人?) Episode 5: Mori no kaijin Issue 11
6 Oitsume rarete (追い詰められて?) Episode 6: Oitsume rarete Issue 12
7 Mo Ri o (モ・リ・オ?) Mo-Ri-O Issue 13 Mike and Zi Li revealed to be agents for an unnamed organization.
8 Tatakai (戦い?) Episode 8: Tatakai Issue 14 Umbrella is revealed to have had a base.


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