BIOHAZARD heavenly island 3 is the third volume of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series written by Naoki Serizawa. It was published by Akita Shōten as a tankōbon in 2015.

Plot SummaryEdit

The BSAA North American division is investigating bio-weapons in a desert. Alpha Team leader Chris Redfield is reminded by a subordinate that the BSAA unit sent to rendezvous with Claire Redfield will reach its destination soon. It cuts to Zanahoria, where the BSAA helicopter lands near Claire.


No. Japanese title First publication
19 Escape (脱出 Dasshutsu?)
20 Tai zonbi jinchi (対ゾンビ陣地?)
21 In the dark (暗闇の中で Kurayaminonakade?)
22 Brown (ブラウン Buraun?)
23 Imawashiki otto (忌まわしき夫?)
24 Infight (インファイト Infaito?)
25 BSAA's arrival (BSAA到着 BSAA tōchaku?)
26 Tai B. O. W. Butai, kōsen! (対B.O.W.部隊、 交戦!?)
27 Hasamareta toriko (挟まれた虜?)
28 Evacuate (退避 Taihi?)


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