BIOHAZARD heavenly island 5 is the fifth and final volume of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series written by Naoki Serizawa. It was published by Akita Shōten as a tankōbon in late February 2017.

Plot Summary

As Morio is held down by the culture room's machinery for the virus extraction, Zi Li begins taunting Claire, and offers to reveal what her mission was: she is a spy that was recently hired on behalf of Sheng-Ya Pharmaceutical to locate "Umbrella's treasure", among the remains of Umbrella's massive research that has been left unclaimed by other bio-weapons manufacturers. Mike D. Seaman had his own goals and wanted Zi Li to help him, but was unaware she was a spy rather than an actress. With the virus extraction complete, Zi Li now has the sample in her hand, which she says is worth tens of millions of dollars.


No. English title Japanese title Pages First publication
39 Anburera no isan (アンブレラの遺産?)
40 Yadoriki Ochi no fuchi (寄落の淵?)
41 Henbō (変貌?)
42 Hofuri no kaori (屠りの香り?)
43 Magamagashiki mono (禍々しきモノ?)
44 Kizuna (?)
45 Fainaru batoru (ファイナルバトル?)
46 Shūkyoku (終局?)
47 Uneri yoru kyōfu (うねり寄る恐怖?)
48 Saigo no itte (最後の一手?)
49 Shin'en hakuhyō (深淵薄氷?)
50 epilogue (epilogue?)


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