BIO HAZARD (バイオハザード?) is a 152-page guide book for the original Resident Evil. It was published by Shueisha. The book went through at least two imprints, the first being 7 May 1996 and the second on 30 June 1996.


This book is filled with official concept art for the game. The guide contains information on the creatures, weapons and items encountered in the game.

S.T.A.R.S. Survival Manual (p.12-24)

This section is a short tutorial explaining the various gameplay mechanics.

Main Character Guide (p.25-35)

This section lists the main characters of the game and their biographies: Chris, Jill, Barry, Rebecca and Wesker.

Escape (p.36-132)

This chapter is the walkthrough. Over the course of the walkthrough are pages describing the Irregular Mutants and Bio Organic Weapons as they appear or where relevant. The walkthrough ends at the laboratory after power is restored.

Martyr file (p.133-136)

This chapter talks about the supporting S.T.A.R.S. members of the game: Joseph, Kenneth, Enrico, Forest and Richard, referring to them as "martyrs" (殉職者 junshoku-sha?). This section is written in an in-universe manner, such as describing the after-action report on Kenneth, describing him as being partially eaten as "unconfirmed".[1][excerpt 1]

Forbidden (pp.137-151)

This section is split in two halves. The first deals with the final minutes of the game after restoring power, with the Tyrant fights. In the second section, it deals with post-game bonuses such as the rocket launcher and costumes.


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