BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.1 (Chinese: 生化危機2 VOL.1; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 2 VOL.1) is the first volume of a sixty-part manhua series published by the Hong Konger King's Foundation, and officially-licensed by Capcom. It starts with the Preface or Foreword (Chinese: 目錄・創 刊詞; Pinyin: Muklùchuàngkān cí) on Page 2, before moving on to the stories.


Part One: (震慄始動)

This brief segment features a Raccoon City police officer walking down an alleyway, stomping on a Giant Roach along the way while carrying his "PV70" (a spelling mistake). While he is obviously supposed to be Leon S. Kennedy, his face is intentionally unshown for the sake of mystery. The next slide is a two-page spread of Leon encountering well over a dozen mutilated zombies at the corner of Power and Central Streets, with some consuming the recently deceased rather than concentrate on the new arrival.

Part Two: Departure (出發)

Leon gets ready to leave for Raccoon City. A female colleague, Dehne,[note 1] perhaps jealous of his assignment, calls him out as an egomaniac for wanting to serve in the remote and ever mysterious Raccoon City.[excerpt 1] His other friends congratulate him and wish him goodbye. As he drives away, it is revealed that Dehne has feelings for Leon. Charlie responds to this by making a sarcastic remark about the normality of a woman pursuing a man, as opposed to the other way around.[excerpt 2] Dehne responds that it is none of Charlie's business.[excerpt 3]

Driving to the city, Leon overhears a news bulletin on the radio about communications from Raccoon City stopping, with the police investigating it.[excerpt 4]

Part Four: Licker Hunter-Killer (LICKER獵殺者)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.1 - page 15

As Leon drives down the road, a helicopter flies over Raccoon City - which appears to be built on a Manhattan-style island within a lake in the Arklay Mountains. A helicopter of the same appearance crashes onto the Raccoon Police Station's rooftop, crashing near two police officers. The two survive the crash, but are hunted by a Licker, which makes its move by jumping from the crashed helicopter. It jumps over the two police officers and kills one with a surprise attack. Its tongue pierces straight through the blond officer's mouth and, with a quick lash, rips off much of his face (including an eye and at least one tooth). Brought into the air by the Licker's powerful tongue, the B.O.W. delivers a fatal blow when the officer is thrown to the ground, completely destroying whatever is left of his head right against the feet of his coworker before doing the same thing to him.

At the front entrance to the RPD (spelt "ARIROOW POLICE" on the front), the zombies begin converging on the front door. The inside of the police is still well-kept and under control, though the officers inside the operations room - which is housing perhaps 25 officers - are nervous. Their Commissioner is nowhere to be found, and rumour has it he has left the police department altogether.[excerpt 5] One officer rushes in and shouts that they can't wait for back up any longer.[excerpt 6] The men rush out one after the other to the front door, but a group of zombies flank the officers by smashing through the windows and grabbing them. The scene ends with the other officers firing away.

Part Five: Umbrella Laboratory (UMBRELLA研究所)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.1 - page 30

Birkin proceeds to mutate rapidly.

A series of military helicopters fly over Raccoon City, branded by the US military (but used by Umbrella). Police Commissioner Brian is among them.[note 2] A group of U.P.S.F. soldiers (analoguous to the Mainsteam universe's USS) exit the helicopters and proceed down a large elevator shaft for trains, using ropes from the helicopters to descend. Reaching the bottom level (for some reason the train being used by Umbrella is a 19th-century American steam engine) the team runs straight into the security office and kills the guards while they sit at their desks. They continue to move through the lab, killing ever researcher they come across. Watching the chaos ensue on a security feed, Birkin injects himself with the G-bacteria to prevent his murder by the US military personnel. He is shot immediately on sight. The apparent commander of the operation - Police Commissioner Brian - enters the room and personally shots the struggling doctor in the head. As the commander leaves Birkin's corpse, he is revived by the bacteria as it rapidly mutates from his bullet wound.


BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.1 - page 33

Somehow Leon didn't notice the massive fire as he drove by.

Leon makes his way through the deserted streets, driving past a number of smashed cars. In front of him is the body of a woman, prompting him to stop and investigate. Examining the body, he finds her chest cavity has been hollowed out, surprisingly leaving the bone itself intact. A gang of zombies approach. Leon is quick to react and readies his handgun, only for a Licker to completely destroy their bodies with its tongue-whip in an explosion of intestines. It swipes at Leon, who escapes by limboing to the floor and shooting back from safety. With the Licker now further away, Leon fires straight into its heart. It licks the wound, but will be able to fight Leon, still. With a display of agility, it escapes Leon's sight, starting down at him from a street light.



Further notes

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.1 - page 41

Leon's character profile on page 41

VOL.1, priced at $13, came with a 23x11 inch poster.[1]


  1. Or otherwise "Dena" - Chinese: 德娜; Pinyin: dé nà
  2. He himself is first introduced simply as "Police Commissioner" (Chinese: 警務署長; Pinyin: Jǐngwù shǔzhǎng)
  1. Departure excerpt:Chinese: 自大狂,你將要執勤的RACCOON CITY,又偏僻又神秘,不要輕心呀!; Pinyin: Zì dà kuáng, nǐ jiāngyào zhíqín de RACCOON CITY, yòu piānpì yòu shénmì, bùyào qīng xīn ya!
  2. Excerpt from page 9:
    Chinese: 女追男!很平常的!; Pinyin: Nǚ zhuī nán! Hěn píngcháng de!
  3. Excerpt from page 9:
    Chinese: 不關你的事!; Pinyin: Bù guān nǐ de shì!
  4. Excerpt from page 10:Chinese: 而且更失去聯絡!現在警方正調查中!; Pinyin: Érqiě gèng shīqù liánluò! Xiànzài jǐngfāng zhèng diàochá zhōng!
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