BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.11 (Chinese: 生化危機2 VOL.11; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 2 VOL.11) is the eleventh volume of a sixty-part manhua series published by the Hong Konger King's Foundation, and officially-licensed by Capcom.[1]


Secret Counterattack (暗中反擊)

In the Oval Office, President Clinton declares Umbrella to be a terrorist organization, and reminds his two aides that the US policy is "no compromise".[excerpt 1]

Papa (爸爸)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.11 - page 10

William looks Sherry right in the eyes.

Back in Raccoon City, Leon; Claire; Sherry and Ada are on the move, again, with Ada reading from a map. With its directions, they find an underground gondola station. They are unable to reach it before Dr. William arrives, however. Leon puts himself in front of the three to defend them, but Sherry struggles out of Claire's hands and runs to the creature, instinctively recognising him as her father.[excerpt 2] William's G instincts kick in, and he tries to grab at Sherry. Leon tries to intervene with his weapon, but the "G" merely slides past him with speed. He stares at Sherry in the face, less than a foot apart.

About to grab her, Ada throws Sherry and Claire out of the way. Ada gets a handgun out of her bag and begins firing it. Leon joins in, but the two are unable to damage William, who proceeds to jump into the air. The force of impact as he lands damages the walkway. William is suddenly punched by the Archer Mech, with the Tank Mech being just behind him. The three get ready to fight, allowing the four survivors to escape death, momentarily. William escapes a punch, allowing him the opportunity to attack the four, again.

Rapid Reaction Force (快速應變部隊)

An unseen individual releases heavy weapons fire on Dr. William, throwing him back right as he was about to grab the survivors.

Friends, Hello? (朋友・你好?)

The source of the weapons fire is revealed to be "E" group of the Special Forces Unit - Leon's old Cop buddies have found them at last. Leon high-fives Charlie in thanks.


BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.11 - page 22

The creatures are prevented from attacking.

The armed member of the Special Forces Unit fires at all three creatures with his M134 MinigunWP. More of the platform collapses, leaving the creatures a several meter upward jump to perform if they want to catch the survivors. They begin to slide down the platform into the chasm, below.

The nine survivors (Leon; Claire; Sherry; Ada; Ben and the SFU) head into the gondola, while President Clinton conducts another meeting in the White House regarding the situation.

Do You Still Remember Me? (你們還記得我嗎?)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.11 - page 29

The creatures are prevented from attacking.

One of the Presidential aides informs the President that there are three people who could be of use to them.[excerpt 3] In walk Chris, Jill and Barry.

Meanwhile, the gondola suffers significant damage after an attack.

Departure (出發)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.11 - page 32

The Warrior attacks.

The perpetrator is revealed to be a "Proficient Warrior", among the fourth tier in Umbrella's hierarchy.[note 1] It is shown to have damaged the gondola by way of cyberpunk-style tentacles extending out of its body. Wearing a bizarre costume, the Hardened War General looks back at the startled survivors. Eventually, most of the survivors fire at the being (Claire is left to take care of Sherry, of course). The Warrior jumps on to the roof, which Leon and Charlie are aware of.[excerpt 4] After shouting out Ada's name, the Warrior flees from the gondola. Charlie becomes suspicious of Ada as a result.



Further notes

This issue came with promotional pins emblazoned with the manhua's logo.[2]


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    Chinese: 美國國策一向是對恐怖份子——絶不妥協。; Pinyin: Měiguó guócè yīxiàng shì duì kǒngbù fènzi——jué bù tuǒxié.
  2. Excerpt from page 8:
    Chinese: 爸爸; Pinyin: Bàba
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