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BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.2 (Chinese: 生化危機2 VOL.2; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 2 VOL.2) is the second volume of a sixty-part manhua series published by the Hong Konger King's Fountain, and officially-licensed by Capcom. It was released on 14 February 1998.


The story starts with a summary of the Mansion Incident and an explanation of the T-Virus and the new G-Virus, which was used to create the Licker Hunter-Killer.

Summary Paragraph (上文提要)

Reaching the Contents page, it shows flashbacks of the Raccoon Police's struggly with the zombies and the U.P.S.F. insertion into the Umbrella lab, seen in VOL.1. Alongside these panels is a reintroduction to Leon's comrades, including Dehne and Charlie.

LEON VS Hunter-Killer (LEON VS獵殺者)

Leon has his own way of fighting B.O.W.s

The "Licker Hunter-Killer" looms over Leon from the lamp post. It jumps to the ground alongside him and tries to slash at it with its tongue, just missing him. Leon delivers a powerful kick to the B.O.W. As it skids onto the floor, Leon fires at it. It misses. He fires again, and again, and again. Each time, the Licker uses its impressive agility to him out of the way until it is able to make its strike at him.

With the creature jumping at him, Leon falls to the floor, allowing him to kick it as it is in the air, sending it flying to a white car. Unable to defeat it with his handgun, Leon takes out a knife, and the two slash at each other. With the Licker injured, it admits defeat and flees. By swinging onto the lamppost, it jumps onto nearby building walls, though Leon begins chasing it.

Claire Redfield姬雅

Leon and Claire meet.

Leon rushes into an alleyway, chasing the Licker. As he does, Claire Redfield opens the door from the inside, fleeing from a zombie. He calls on her to get down as he shoots the creature. With the enemy dispatched, Leon grabs Claire up from a trash can and the two race for an abandoned police car.

"Biohazard" Plan (「生化危機」計劃)

Brian describes the many forms of bio-weaponry.

On the helicopter ride back from the Birkin assassination, Police Commissioner Brian spies on Ada Wong through a live-feed television screen. Brian gives a summary of Umbrella. They are divided into seven ranks.[excerpt 1]

  • God is an Umbrella executive with billions of dollars in resources, planning a mysterious project known simply as "Biohazard".
  • The second tier are the "Bio Staff" (Chinese: 生物參謀; Pinyin: Shēngwù cānmóu)
  • The third are "Chemical commanders" (Chinese: 化學司令; Pinyin: Huàxué sīlìng), who command their forces in chemical attacks, which they are proficient in.[excerpt 2]
  • The "Hardened War General" (Chinese: 精危戰將; Pinyin: Gamg wēi zhàn jiāng) represent tier 4. They are masters of terrorism.[excerpt 3]
  • The "Archer Mechs" (Chinese: 機甲攻兵; Pinyin: Jījiǎ gōng bīng) represent tier 5. They are biologically augmented soldiers who operate alone.
  • Tier 6 are the "Agents" (Chinese: 特工; Pinyin: Tègōng)
  • Tier 7 are the "Spies" (Chinese: 間諜; Pinyin: Jiàndié)

The camera's - and pilot's - attention shifts from spying on Ada to a speeding police car, soon revealed to be driven by Leon and Claire.

Police Station (警署)

Marvin attacks Claire as a zombie.

Continuing from the previous story, Leon and Claire ready their weapons and park at the police station. Leon carefully opens the front gate, and they make their way inside through the front door to find the main hall completely deserted. In an adjacent office, the two find the semi-conscious Marvin Branagh. As he tells them what happened, Leon uses a First Aid Spray to disinfect his wounds, but he continues to fade towards unconsciousness.

Leon and Claire pick him up. Unfortunately, he transforms into a zombie as they walk him. Leon fights him off, though Marvin is just as strong as him. Thrown off the zombie, Leon is finally able to aim his handgun at Marvin and put him out of his misery. It is at this moment that a myserious red-dressed woman arrives through another door and shoots him in the head. After this, she introduces herself to the two as Ada Wong.



Further notes

Two editions have been specialized to have silver or red covers.[1]

In this version of events, Leon and Claire park their car safely at the front entrance of the police station. In the game, they were hampered by an unexpected zombie attack and a collision with a fuel tanker. His reason for discovering Claire was also changed from "retreating from approaching zombies" to "charging at a fleeing Licker".


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