BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.30 (Chinese: 生化危機2 VOL.30; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 2 VOL.30) is the thirtieth volume of a sixty-part manhua series published by the Hong Konger King's Foundation, and officially-licensed by Capcom.[1] It was published on Monday, 31 August 1998.


"Since the incident in Raccoon City, USA, action teams were established, supported by the strongest team members and weapon technology to deal with the UMBRELLA Group at all costs. Unfortunately, the missing UMBRELLA Group mastermind, God now inhabits the body of the Asian artificial island's richest man, Inzaghi to reappear into the world. Inzaghi is not only the richest and most lucrative on the artificial island. Now he has publicly asked the BHST, who have left the artificial island, again to a disadvantage...... The protagonist, Leon is even worse. Killed by the bombs. Fortunately, the "ancient civilization's biochemical control" saves lives. However, the G-Virus in Leon's body did not go. Finally, Microsoft had decided to go to the Great Wall of China with Leon, hoping to treat Leon. The original section of the Great Wall has a different space in the entrance...... Full of strange creatures inside, one of which is the HKs."
— Prologue[excerpt 1]

Caratopsids roam the Chinese forests

Leon; Baakdo‏‎ and Microsoft look up from the long grass to see a giant Licker HK staring down at them, tongue extended. The Licker's tongue moves around near them, but instead wraps around a tree branch, revealing it to be herbivorous. Fed on the leaves, it walks away, no longer interested in the three men. Microsoft looks around and spots a number of locals roaming the forests; they stand still as they pass by. Ceratopsids can be seen roaming through the forest. Leon, having already been told by Microsoft that extinct animals were in the forest, is more interested in that he has recovered from his mild case of death.[excerpt 2]

Moving further into the forest, the three see a herd of giant Licker HKs moving through in the distance. They see a Tyrannosaurus (暴君龍),[note 1] somehow back from extinction,[excerpt 3] make a sudden appearance and attack the Licker HK. It bites the creature's neck to crush it; still alive, the therapod throws it into the air to finish it off. The T. rex attacks a Licker (either the same Licker, recovered or another) by trying to crush it under its foot, but a human fist impacts on the side of its head. The source of the first is revealed to be an ornately-armored Mech of equal size to the T. rex, and is also winged. The Licker stands by the Mech's side, to suggest an alliance between the two. The Mech begins to flap its wings as it prepares to take flight. Shooting out into the air, the Mech flies up to the cliff the three B.H.S.T. agents are on, rather than fight the T. rex. The Mech is revealed to be sentient and in self-control. It converses with Microsoft and Leon, who inquire about God. The Mech releases Ki at the three, made uncomfortable by Leon and flies away.

Elsewhere, Inzaghi, the "true" identity of God, continues to plan world destruction; this time expressing his plans for the Chinese forest.

"The Profound Warrior asked back, so now God is murderously angry! How will the Profound Warrior end up? And is he Leon's father?"
— Advertisement for next issue[excerpt 4]


  • Leon
  • Microsoft
  • Baakdo‏‎
  • Izaghi/God
  • Asura

Further notes

This issue came with collectible cards; the issue advertises a Dehne one in particular.



  1. "暴君龍"(Bàojūn lóng) is a non-standard variation of "暴龍" (bào lóng), the official Chinese name for the Tyrannosaurus genus. Both still mean "Tyrant dragon"
  1. Excerpt from pages 2-3:
    "美國自RACCOON CITY事件發生之後,成立行動小組,由成員及武器科技都以最強陣容支援,爲對付UMBRELLA集團而不惜一切。但,可惜一直失蹤的UMBRELLA集團首腦GOD現在竟佔據了亞洲人工島首富恩沙基的身體,重現世界。恩沙基,不單財富豐厚,而且在人工島極具影响力!現在他公開要求BHST等人離開人工島,正派再次處於下風……而主角LEON更是惡劣!死於炸彈之下。可幸以「古文明生化器」救回性命。但,LEON體內的G——菌卻除之不去!最後微軟決定帶LEON去中國長城,希望可以治療LEON。原來在長城一段有異空間入口……內裏充滿古怪生物,其中一種就是獵殺者。"
  2. Excerpt from page 7:
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