BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.31 (Chinese: 生化危機2 VOL.31; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 2 VOL.31) is the thirty-first volume of a sixty-part manhua series published by the Hong Konger King's Foundation, and officially-licensed by Capcom.[1]


"Leon, Baakdo‏ and Microsoft have finally entered a different space and talk with the local managers of it. It is here that the G-Virus originated. On the other hand, God has used the identity of Inzaghi for the large-scale acquisition of all the world's electronics and heavy industry companies, and seems to be carrying out a major program. Immediately after the meeting holding a billion-dollar transaction, God actually enjoyed a leisurely little "life-saving" play. His behaviour is so very difficult to touch. Now, because the Profound Warrior asked about their past, this sudden and harmonious atmosphere will turn into a situation of extreme intention to kill."
— Prologue[excerpt 1]

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Leon; Baakdo‏ and Microsoft trek down a road through the wilderness. In the open at dusk, Microsoft detects movement through his head device, and the three through the long grass. They reach a tree where they see a man has been crucified. Elsewhere in the wilderness, a man is dragged along the floor by a giant man in a bizarre, animalistic style of armour, named "Pungun" (判官).

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The three B.H.S.T. members are walking through another set of woodland when they are encircled by Pungun's armed soldiers. They are taken to him as he sits on his throne. He declares that they are to be hunted for sport and begins to count as they run away. As he reaches twenty, the soldiers set off. Back in the open fields, the three are blinded by a sudden light. A man with cybernetic implants on his face comes charging at them with a sword. Microsoft stands on a bear trap at the worst time, and is impaled with the sword. The man then forces the sword to slice through Microsoft's body until it is freed, almost cutting his body in two. Blood begins to shoot out from his wound as he lets out his death throws.

"In a shrill blast of sound, Microsoft knew - God put him out. The gates of hell open wide in in front, deaths one after the other. Please do pay attention to the next issue, "Flesh"."
— Epilogue[excerpt 2]




  1. Excerpt from pages 2-3:
    "LEON,百多,微軟等終於進入異空間,而且更與當地的管理人傾談,從而得知此地是G——菌的發源地。另一方面,GOD利用恩沙基 的身份大舉收購世界上所有電子,重工之類的公司似有重大計劃要進行般。剛舉行過千億交易的會議之後,GOD竟優閑地欣賞那個小小「救命」恩人玩耍,他的行爲,就是如此令人難以摸……現在,因精危戰將問及自己的過去,突令本是融洽的氣氛,轉爲極度殺意的形勢。"
  2. Excerpt from page 30
    "進刺耳的爆破之聲,令微軟知道自己——神仙難救 ……鬼門關大開死亡逐一出現眼前請千萬留意下期
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