BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.34 (Chinese: 生化危機2 VOL.34; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 2 VOL.34) is the thirty-fourth volume of a sixty-part manhua series published by the Hong Konger King's Foundation, and officially-licensed by Capcom.[1]


Back at the artificial island, a group of 80s-nostalgia technopunk youths voice their objections to the B.H.S.T.'s presence, at one point literally just calling out "Objection! Objection!" (反對!反對!). Charlie and Chris raise their shotguns at the base's gates to force the protesters away. This simply angers them more and thy begin throwing rocks at the guards in their riot gear. Another guard deploys gas into the crowd. On television, ordinary citizens are asked about their views on the B.H.S.T. as well.

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.34 - page 14

God/Inzaghi kills the official with the power of the mind.

A helicopter flies out of the city and lands on the B.H.S.T.'s ship. Three officials present the B.H.S.T. in a dignified manner, holding piles of documents.[excerpt 1] Their continued presence on the island city is doubtful. Chris; Dehne; Charlie and Claire look out from the boat to the city, concerned that God is still out there, and is still manipulating events in the city to continue his biological projects. Chris has the team sneak into the city by scuba diving, knowing they won't be able to bring the ship in.

Meanwhile, God (in his Inzaghi body); Hardened War General and a cloaked Gam land inside the B.H.S.T.'s base via helicopter; the official who banned the B.H.S.T. from staying in the city awaits them by the rejuvenation tanks. As a siren goes off, the man is levitated off the ground by God's powers and killed. The guards discover the cause of the siren to be the American flag-clad Licker through first hand experience. Leon's father and Gam protect Inzaghi/God by punching into the Licker. Inzaghi is weakened during the attack and knocked over. The Licker moves in-between Inzaghi and God's guards; the two question if God is still in control over Inzaghi's body. The Licker's left arm/claw is suddenly severed just from Inzaghi's glance. He then raises his right arm to the creature's face. Energy is released from his hand...

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.34 - page 29

Microsoft and Baakdo‏ run through Toy Zone in search of Leon. They eventually find their comrade and rush towards him. Leon is still frozen in the same position by Ada, who is almost climbing onto him in her seductive pose. As she moves her arms to hug him, Leon throws her away; since she died the last time he saw her, he is refuses to take the situation lightly. Ada tries to persuade him that she is real through a combination of supernatural flying and more seductive posing. She wraps herself around his back, but Leon denies her identity and punches her. She cries.


  • Chris
  • Dehne
  • Charlie
  • Claire
  • Leon
  • Ada
  • God


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