BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.4 (Chinese: 生化危機2 VOL.4; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 2 VOL.4) is the fourth volume of a sixty-part manhua series published by the Hong Konger King's Foundation, and officially-licensed by Capcom. It was released on February 28, 1998, at a standard price of HK$13.


Childhood (童年)

This section introduces us to the psychopathic Brian Irons (拜倫), starting with his childroom which involves him killing rabbits and dissecting them.

Summary Paragraph (上文提要)

The two-page summary shows us Leon and Claire's encounter with the Archer Mech and his childhood flashback. It leads on to Police Commissioner Brian sitting by his desk with a blonde woman.

Metamorphosis (變態)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.4 - page 9

Amy realizes too late that there is something up with Police Commissioner Brian.

Police Commissioner Brian gives the blonde woman - revealed to be "Amy Chan" - a tour of his taxidermy display room. She becomes increasingly nervous. Brian pulls the Pike attached to a suit of armour, along another Special Forces ally to enter the room. Leon and Claire hear a loud noise, and investigate.

Battle of Wits (鬥智)

Leon and Claire enter Police Commissioner Brian's office to find him in his chair, with Amy's corpse laid on his desk. They quickly become concerned that he did more than simply kill a zombie. Leon raises his handgun at the Commissioner. A team of at least five SpecOps agents enter the room and surround Leon and Claire, forcing him to give up his weapon. He is then knocked to the floor. The same happens to Claire. They get up while he laughs at them. Two SpecOps members move in from behind Claire and Leon. One raises his submachine gun to Claire, while the other readies the butt of his assault rifle. Knocking Leon down, again, they handcuff him and drag him to the Brian's secretary's room.

Danger (險境)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.4 - page 20

Leon fights Lickers without a weapon.

Leon raises his head to find a Licker in the room staring back at him. The Licker slashes at him, but Leon manages to dodge. Leon copies the Licker's own moves and jumps at the B.O.W., headbutting it. The force of the impact sends the Licker through the door and striking the main hall balcony. He charges at the B.O.W. but, aware he cannot defeat it unarmed, he simply jumps over the balcony, having tricked it. Bursting through a door, Leon stumbles onto Ada Wong, who raises her handgun at him.

Escape (逃脫)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.4 - page 24

Claire can handle armed soldiers.

Claire is escorted by Brian and his U.P.S.F. team down his secret elevator. She is shown his special room, filled with jars containing recently-'obtained' organs. Brian orders her to follow a U.P.S.F. agent down the ladder. She does so, but beats him once he gets down killing him with his own submachine gun before firing upwards to Brian. Evidently, the rounds missed him, as he gives the order to fire a gas canister down the ladder, allowing the surviving U.P.S.F. to search for her.

Warrior (精危戰將)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.4 - pages 28 and 29

The warrior is introduced.

Police Commissioner Brian and the remaining four U.P.S.F. make their way into a large, open area of the sewers. A large, pink, tentacled creature resides in this area. Brian quickly recognizes it as evidence of G-Virus infection (such as what Dr.William sustained). A large masked man suddenly appears from the water.

While Brian and the warrior remain locked together, Claire has long since fled the scene. Walking through an inactive fan, she tries to make her way to whatever is on the other side of the tunnel, only to find hundreds of cockroaches flying at her face as they leave. With the roaches out of the way, Claire meets a young girl eating a biscuit on the other end of the tunnel.



Further notes

An enlarged "Super "G" Size Limited Edition" was released alongside the regular edition, containing a poster; a special booklet for the game and two collectible character cards (for Ada Wong and Brian Irons). Only 3,000 were produced[1]


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