BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.41 (Chinese: 生化危機2 VOL.41; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 2 VOL.41) is the forty-first volume of a sixty-part manhua series published by the Hong Konger King's Fountain, and officially-licensed by Capcom.[1] It was first published on Monday 16 November 1998. According to the advertisement in the previous issue, VOL.41 ends the "Artificial Island" storyline.[2]


God/Inzaghi is hit in the face.

Leon falls to the streets, crashing through a large IKEA sign and crushing a car, below. Still conscious, he sees parts of his body beginning to dissolve. Inzaghi/God is distracted from killing Leon by three men, who challenge him to a fight. He proceeds to slice through them at such power that he makes a clear cut through a car roof and the top of its seat. Witnessing the killings in the corner of his eye, Leon does his best to get back in the fight, punching Inzaghi's face so hard it falls apart. However, Inzaghi's body holds so much power that God regenerates the face very quickly, declaring that Leon lacks enough power to destroy him.[excerpt 1] He then sends Leon crashing back to the ground, again. This time, however, he lands elegantly, and God has to hunt him down a street of civilians, destroying cars along the way. Leon drops down a manhole, but God decides to just fire Ki blasts down from the streets instead so Leon is forced to predict his movements. Sure of where Leon is, God fires at a further point to wall Leon in. He succeeds and drops down, but Leon escapes into a subway station.

Leon attacks the Mechs with Ki blasts.

Leon takes the train across town. Surfacing, it travels past a warehouse, which the other B.H.S.T. members are raiding. Inside, we are shown the seven face a large group of Mechs. Armed with the arsenal they have amassed over time, the team waits for Charlie to make the first move with his sword. The sword fails to even damage the Mech's coat. Baakdo covers Charlie by delivering a powerful punch. Chris jump-kicks, followed by the other four joining the fight. Leon makes his arrival, sealing his friends in balls to protect them while he fights in their place. Leon begins firing at the Mechs with Ki blasts.



  • Director: Niu Lo (Chinese: 牛佬; Pinyin: Niú lǎo)
  • Sketch artist: Bi Yile (Chinese: 畢亦樂; Pinyin: Bìyìlè)
  • Painter: Wei Yan (Chinese: 韋硏; Pinyin: Wéi yán)
  • Planner: Ma Yaoguang (Chinese: 溤耀光; Pinyin: Mǎ yàoguāng)
  • Art director: Chen Kelin (Chinese: 陳科琳; Pinyin: Chén kēlín)
  • Production Supervior: Zheng Zhaoxuan (Chinese: 鄭兆軒; Pinyin: Zhèng zhàoxuān)
  • Colourist: Lian Guoguan (Chinese: 練國權; Pinyin: Liàn guóquán)



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