BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.42 (Chinese: 生化危機2 VOL.42; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 2 VOL.42) is the forty-second volume of a sixty-part manhua series published by the Hong Konger King's Fountain, and officially-licensed by Capcom.[1] This particular issue comes with a content warning and is not recommended for under-18s. The title of this particular story is "Zombie City" (喪屍城).


"Leon suddenly rushed to the rescue of the other B.H.S.T. and also demonstrated his strong powers!"
— Prologue[excerpt 1]

Leon fires a Ki blast at the Mechs, who begin to dissolve when hit by the energy. He is suddenly encompassed by a strange force, and teleported back to the different space. Hovering over the ground, shirtless as tornadoes move across the landscape, Leon encounters its joint patron saint, Molung.

Leon displays his newfound power in front of God.

Sent back to the artificial island, Leon's G-mutations become more pronounced. He destroys a sealed door hatch to get to God, who is sitting down as Inzaghi with the Hardened War General and Ada Wong at either side. When Leon powers up his Ki, God pushes the other two away, sending them flying into the walls. Leon manipulates his Ki to pull the two into his arms.

God, meanwhile, uses Inzaghi's body to generate a massive amount of Ki, ready to throw it at Leon as a ball. Leon, however, displays his new powers by appearing before God and grabbing his arm, preventing him from using his attack. God is shocked to see the original (though enhanced) Leon fighting him, and not the weak G-mutant he defeated earlier.[excerpt 2] Fighting on top of a giant device of God's design, the energy discharge from their fighting causes it to overload. It fires rays of energy out into the city, exposing a number of civilians to G-Virus infection (in this universe, the G-Virus can spread by radiation).

One biker bites the other's head off.

Elsewhere, a motorcycle gang has a late-night party in their turf, with three bikers riding circles around a flaming drum. One motorcycle crashes into another, sending one of the bikers flying. The man gets up and angrily transforms. The other biker, with his girlfriend in his arms, is unfazed by this. He then transforms into a grotesque creature and rips the man's head off. His girlfriend begins licking his large teeth, turned on by her boyfriend's display of barbarity. The other bikers tear the decapitated body apart to eat, declaring their love for blood and organs ("血呀!我要呀", "行開呀!我要內臟呀!"). During their meal, a man approaches them in the shadows...

Back on the B.H.S.T.'s ship, surgeons in the operating room (手術室) begin to dissect a recovered body from a G-Virus infected man...

"In the operating room, world-renowned scientists focus! They are ready to disect the G-Virus monster on the operating table! Study every detail of its body......"
— Chapter ending[excerpt 3]



Further notes

  • When Leon blasts open the sealed hatch, a decagonal Umbrella logo is shown.


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    在手術室內, 集中了全世界知名的科學家! 他們準備解剖手術檯上的G菌怪物! 研究他身上的每一個細節……
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