BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.5 (Chinese: 生化危機2 VOL.5; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 2 VOL.5) is the fifth volume of a sixty-part manhua series published by the Hong Konger King's Foundation, and officially-licensed by Capcom.


Break... (斷……)

When Ada fired at the end of Leon's story in VOL.4, it is revealed that she is actually firing at a Licker directly behind him. The bullet flies straight into its tongue, dismembering much of it and leaving its most powerful weapon useless. She then re-aims her handgun for Leon's hands, shooting his handcuffs apart. The celebration is short-lived, as the injured Licker makes its survival known.

Mutation, re-mutation (異變・再異變)

The Licker mutates.

The Licker regenerates a replacement for the missing length of its tongue in front of Ada and Leon. It now has multiple tongues - longer than the original and each having sharp teeth attached, making it even more dangerous than before. His handgun knocked out of his hand, Leon takes out his combat knife and runs at the B.O.W., dodging the tongues along the way. In his charge he jumps on top of the creature, forcing the knife in to the back of its head. The resulting injury leads it to bleed out. Although this B.O.W. is finished, the two survivors notice another six Lickers staring at them from above.

Sherry (雪妮)

Sherry's special gift.

Claire looks on at Sherry Birkin as she eats a biscuit in the ventilation tunnel. Surprised by Claire's arrival, she turns to run, but is grabbed by the woman. A short fight takes place as she tries to free herself, but Claire eventually convinces her that she means no harm. They get out of the ventilation tunnel to find a group of zombies awaken (having been unconscious and submerged) - they number well over a dozen and stretch all the way down the tunnel. Sherry uses a bizarre form of telepathy to 'convince' (or, rather 'order') the zombies to leave her and Claire alone. The zombies respond so well they actually move away to give the two room.

Meanwhile, back in the Raccoon Police Department, the Archer Mech reacts negatively to finding nothing to kill. It instinctively begins to dig underground.

Sherry and Claire have left the zombies behind (though not by far) and are seemingly heading to freedom. Suddenly, however, the two notice a dark shadow in the sewer water.

Crocodile god (鱷神)

The Giant crocodile god makes its entrance.

The shadow is revealed to have been cast by the Giant crocodile god (Chinese: 巨鱷神; Pinyin: Jù è shén - misspelt in English as "Crocodice"). The waves cast by the crocodile's appearance knock Claire; Sherry and the zombies over.

Heavyweight Armageddon (重量級大决戰)

A titanic showdown begins.

The zombies, still avoiding Sherry, choose the crocodile god as their next meal, and several quite willingly walk in-between its wide-open jaws in an attempt to eat its insides. It obviously snaps back at them. With only Claire and Sherry left to satisfy itself, the crocodile god turns its attention to them. Shockingly, the Archer Mech crashes through the ceiling of the tunnel and lands right in-between the crocodile and its food. Although identifying the two humans as clear targets, the Archer Mech shifts its attention to the crocodile, which is trying to force it down and into its mouth.


Further notes

Volume 5 included a "laser edition", where the cover background was coated in a shiny material.[1]

In this volume, the sewer gator is introduced. However, it goes by the incorrect and misspelt name of "Crocodice".



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