BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.54 (Chinese: 生化危機2 VOL.54; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 2 VOL.54) is the fifty-fourth volume of a sixty-part manhua series published by the Hong Konger King's Foundation, and officially-licensed by Capcom.[1] It was published on Monday 24 February 1999 at a standard price of HK$13.


BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.54 - page 3

The world under "G" influences.

The story starts with a description of G-Bacterial infection. The bacterial DNA is assimilated into the body, leaving no trace of itself. However, symptoms of infection can be seen in the individual's psychological change, ranging from idealogical beliefs to emotional clarity. These "G" zombies are subject to emotional surges and blood lust, and they will happily kill, conscious of their actions. A world dominated by the G-Bacteria is described as under the violent influences of "debauchery and destruction".[excerpt 1]

Meanwhile, at the Onimrl Coffee House (which is also a bar, according to the engrish signpost), three loud men sit by a table; one of them is with a red-haired woman. A waiter arrives with more drinks, but becomes nervous when he is seemingly propositioned by the apparent leader of the group, who was moments earlier concentrating on the woman. He grabs the waiter's arm, causing him to smash the bottles on the floor and kisses him; the woman is equally joyful at the turn of the vents. The waiter, appalled at the rude behaviour of the customers, transforms in front of them. Feeling challenged, the gang leader also transforms, killing the waiter by biting through his face like another kiss. He turns back into his human form.

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.54 - page 9

Leon reveals his own G form.

Witnessing this, another man runs at the gang in a transformed form, who respond by all transforming (with the exception of the woman, who watches from a distance). They quickly overpower him and start biting his neck, arms and legs on the ground. A new person arrives - Leon. They challenge Leon, also, but he reveals his own G- mutant form.

Elsewhere, at "another corner of the artificial island",[excerpt 2] the apparent crime syndicate leader - "Reform" - sits on the remnants of a stone throne on a ruined temple in the hills. Succumbing to the G-Bacteria's hyper-sexuality, he begins licking the legs of the wavy-blonde, miniskirt-clad woman laying on his lap. Reform is described as being the strongest of the "non-standard" zombies on the artificial island, whose body has been blessed by the G-Bacteria with a powerful and energetic evolution.[excerpt 3] Suddenly, he is disturbed from his play by the gang leader from the bar, who reports to him. The man hurries up the steps in pain. He transforms before collapsing at his leader's feet; Reform considers that someone somewhere wishes to contend with him.[excerpt 4] He shouts out the name of this contender, "Leon".[excerpt 5] Reform analyses the situation, deciding to transform as well. A number of tentacles grow out of his back. One of the tentacles shoots out, piercing the man through the chest. He struggles to talk to Reform, who punishes him by forcing another tentacle through his mouth. As the man dies, Leon appears on the stairs.

Ready to fight, Reform jumps into the air from his throne, releasing his tentacles, which spread all around Leon, who looks at the man, emotionless. Another tentacle shoots out to Leon's chest; an attempt to impale him. However, the tentacle cannot pierce his abs; Leon responds my grabbing hold of the tentacle and destroying it with his powerful grip.

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.54 - page 22

Claire gives the bad news.

Outside the city at the temporary B.H.S.T. base (B.H.S.T.臨時基地), Claire argues with a surgeon over the quality of Sherry's treatment to remove the G-Bacteria from her body. Chris examines a sample - the bacteria has not been affected by the treatment, and continues to attack her body's cells. Sherry runs to Isolation Ward to see Perth, who was brought in earlier for treatment - his right leg has begun mutating, and he scream in pain in front of her. Sherry moves towards him and extends her arm to his wound. Still exhibiting her powers granted to her by the G-Bacteria, she heals his leg. Perth remains uncomfortable after this display power from a small girl. Microsoft watches the event unfold from a crack in the door.


  • Leon
  • Claire
  • Sherry
  • Perth
  • Reform (維新)
  • Microsoft


Further notes

The woman at the bar changes hair colour and clothing style between the beginning of the scene and Leon's arrival.

When the second victim of the gang at the bar makes his first and last appearance, he is wearing a blue-tinted business suit. When he attacks the men, however, he is dressed as a waiter.


  1. Excerpt from page 3:
    Chinese: G菌,不斷在改變意識形態,入人,體後與其同化,再沒痕跡可尋……唯獨情緒暴漲,潛伏的G菌便會發作,喪屍原形畢露……人的鮮血最能令喪屍亢奮,只要進入人類世界,就只有一個動作——殺戳!喪屍本身受G菌的影响下,都喜好暴?荒淫和破壞……; Pinyin: G jūn, bùduàn zài gǎibiàn yìshí xíngtài, rù rén, tǐ hòu yǔqí tónghuà, zài méi hén jì kě xún……wéi dú qíngxù bàozhǎng, qiánfú de G jūn biàn huì fāzuò, sàngshī yuánxíng bìlù……rén de xiānxiě zuì néng lìng sàngshī kàngfèn , Zhǐyào jìnrù rénlèi shìjiè, jiù zhǐyǒu yīgè dòngzuò——shā chuō! Sàngshī běnshēn shòu G jùn de yǐngxiǎng xià, dōu xǐhào bào? Huāngyín hé pòhuài……
  2. Excerpt from page 10:
    "Another corner of the artificial island......" (Chinese: 人工島的另一個角落……; Pinyin: Jangōng dǎo de lìng yīgè jiǎoluò……)
  3. Excerpt from page 14:
    Chinese: 維新——人工島上的最強者,體內的G菌變異與進化最爲成熟,所釋放的能量也非一般的喪屍可媲美,能與G菌發展得這麼協調,實是萬中無一!; Pinyin: Wéixīn——réngōng dǎoshàng de zuìqiáng zhě, tǐnèi de G jūn biànyì yǔ jìnhuà zuì wèi chéngshú, suǒ shìfàng de néngliàng yě fēi yībān de sàngshī kě pìměi, néng yǔ G jūn fāzhǎn de zhème xiétiáo, shí shì wàn zhōng wú yī!
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  5. Excerpt from page 12:
    Chinese: 一個叫LEON…; Pinyin: Yīgè jiào LEON…
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