BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.7 (Chinese: 生化危機2 VOL.7; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 2 VOL.7) is the seventh volume of a sixty-part manhua series published by the Hong Konger King's Foundation, and officially-licensed by Capcom.[1]


After the rift (裂痕之後)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.7 - page 4

The Mech's huge size.

Claire fires at the Archer Mech, hoping to catch its attention while Sherry clumbs up the ladder. The Mech raises its fist into a hammer, but Claire dodges its thrash. She climbs up its right arm and stands on the Mech's shoulder, firing at extreme closeness. The creature tries to punch her, but he jumps off before it can actually hit her and climbs into the vent, having used the creature in place of the ladder. It reacts to her escape by punching a hole in the wall. As Claire and Sherry make their way through the large ventilation tunnel, the Mech appears in front of them, having dug its own tunnel to flank them. As they are close to the exit, the two get down the ladder safely. As the Mech moves to the opening, intent on grabbing at them, Claire activates the fans.

The blades spin around and take off more of the Mech's exoskeleton, but the force of impact - in both the weight of the Mech and its reaction to being hit - causes the fan to break and the Mech to fall out into the sewer as Claire and Sherry head around the corner. They go through a set of corridors that, while underground, are clearly not used as part of the sewers. Seeing another ventilation tunnel, they consider escaping through there.

Leave a Message (留言)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.7 - page 20

The dogs look at Leon, lustfully.

Claire etches in a message for Leon to read - in Chinese, nonetheless - on the wall with her knife. Leon and Claire continue exploring the Raccoon City Police Department. Ada needs to see a man called Ben, who is in a holding cell. With a map Leon found, they know they must go through the underground parking garage to get there.

Heading into the cells, Leon barks at Ben, demanding answers; he has lost his patience after the man refused to respond to Ada simply asking if he was Ben.[excerpt 1] After a few moments, Leon heads out of the room, allowing Ada to talk to Ben comfortably, discussing John. Leon, meanwhile, heads over to the dog kennel, where he sees three highly-aggressive and recently fed zombie dogs. Leon feels saddened by the dogs' plight, baffled that someone could engineer a bacteria that could do such a thing.[excerpt 2]

Police Commissioner Brian hears reports from his special forces team, including that Agent Ada Wong is nearby.[excerpt 3] The Commissioner laughs maniacally.

Reporter BEN (記者BEN)

Leon and Ada walk through the kennels. Leon see three dogs asleep on the floor; he shoots each one. Heading deep into the underground, Leon and Ada discover the message etched by Claire.

Corruption (貪汚)

Back at the Army encampment, Neil and Charlie have talks with the commander of CENTCOM, with the two CIA spooks watching from afar.


At the Umbrella headquarters, the CEO is informed of the CIA's snooping into their affairs and the oncoming attack by the CENTCOM commander, but practically brushes it aside with his nonchalance. After all, he has his Guard Mechs to protect him should anything go wrong. He declares the G-Bacteria to be the product of 'ancient civilization', as it is a relic from God.[excerpt 4]



Further notes

Page 26 misspells the side of a US Army vehicle as "US AMRY". Like the end of VOL.6, it continues with showing Claire to be armed with a pump-action assault rifle


  1. Excerpt from page 17:
    Chinese: 先生!你是不是記者BEN?; Pinyin: Xiānshēng! Nǐ shì bùshì jìzhě BEN?
  2. Excerpt from page 21:
    Chinese: 看見 喪屍犬如此慘況,LEON不禁到想,是誰發明如此恐佈的细菌!; Pinyin: Kànjiàn sàngshī quǎn rúcǐ cǎn kuàng,LEON bùjīn dào xiǎng, shì shuí fāmíng rúcǐ kǒng bù de xìjùn!
  3. Chinese: 而拜倫署長——第七級人員間諜,一直也是職級低於ADA WONG的!; Pinyin: Ér bài lún shǔzhǎng——dì qī jí rényuán jiàndié, yīzhí yěshì zhíjí dī yú ADA WONG de!
  4. Chinese: 因為G——細菌根本就是古文明的産品!簡單點説就是——神的遺物!; Pinyin: Yīnwèi G——xìjùn gēnběn jiùshì gǔ wénmíng de chǎnpǐn! Jiǎndān diǎn shuō jiùshì——shén de yíwù!
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