BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.9 (Chinese: 生化危機2 VOL.9; Pinyin: Shēnghuà wéijī 2 VOL.9) is the ninth volume of a sixty-part manhua series published by the Hong Konger King's Foundation, and officially-licensed by Capcom.[1] It was published on April 4, 1998.


Dive (潛入)

"Dive" is a single-page story showing the SFU team swimming underwater. Two of them (Dehne being one) hold on to the miniature submersible being driven by the Charlie.

Heated Fighting (炮火連天)

The Special Forces Unit E Group members recon Raccoon City from a ledge. They notice fire building up from a major street. It is the US military - a tank crew is firing at a Tank Mech.

Tank Mech (機甲坦克)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.9 - pages 8 and 9

The Tank Mech is introduced.

The Tank Mech is seen to have survived a direct hit. Army personnel near the tank begin firing with their own weapons. The Mech charges at the tank and succeeds in smashing it to pieces with its crew still inside. It then shifts its attention to the soldiers nearby.

Meanwhile, a beach landing is conducted from across the river as the military (and Police S.W.A.T.) prepares to reinforce the survivors.

One of the rafts has been destroyed, and its crew has suddenly died. It is evident that something is in the water. From atop an APC (also being transported over the river), a CIA agent comes to the same conclusion.

Whale Mech (機甲鯨魚)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.9 - page 16

The Battleship Mech spies its new target and jumps into the air as though about to attack. It lands back in the water, shocking the crew, who hadn't noticed it until then.

The Mech finally makes its move, simply coming at them in a straight line. Its sheer size makes it unstoppable, as the raft falls straight into its mouth.

The ever mysterious CIA agent watches as an NSA-signed rocket is fired into the air and explodes.

Back to the Mech's mouth, only one person remains. The Mech studies the man with its human face, reading on his shoulder emblem that he is Police S.W.A.T. This triggers a flashback, as it remembers something about Los Angeles.

People? (人?)

The flashback shows the creature's human life as a member of the Los Angeles S.W.A.T. It eventually fights off the memories, declaring that it remembers nothing, and goes back to killing the man. It drops its head below the water.

G-Bacteria Process (G— 細菌的過程)

Leon and Ada walk onto a bridge overlooking the sewers, finding Claire and Sherry at the bottom. Leon warns them of the tentacled mass in the water; something Ada understands well to be a product of the G-Bacteria. The four rendezvous at a storeroom, where the four get acquainted. Sherry shows distrust for Ada.

Doctor (博士)

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.9 - pages 26 and 27

We see a man walk down a long hallway, in some level of pain. He begins yelling in pain as his arm mutates to grow an eye out of it. This is a clear sign of G-Bacteria infection. Text next to his name declares the end of the world to be coming.[excerpt 1]

S.F.U. Special Forces (S・F・U特種部隊)

A "Licker Hunter-Killer" moves around the Raccoon City streets. An unseen individual looks upon it through the scope of a Sniper Rifle. The creature is shot and knocked down, but it recovers. The shooter is revealed to be Dehne. The B.O.W. runs to her, completely ignoring Ya Lan until he runs straight past. The Licker runs at him, instead, only to be lead down an alley way and be fired at by an M134 Vulcan. The Licker tries to escape by quickly running up a wall.




  1. Excerpt from BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.9, page 27:
    Chinese: 這個末世G-細菌即將降臨世上!; Pinyin: Zhège mòshì G-xìjùn jíjiāng jiànglín shìshàng!
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