BIO HAZARD DRAMA ALBUM ~The Doomed Raccoon City~ VOL.2 (運命のラクーンシティ Unmei no rakunshiti?) is a radioplay which aired in December 1997, listened to on both Nippon Cultural Broadcasting and Radio Osaka in four parts on the show "Satake and Hayashibara's Lawless School" (佐竹・林原の無法塾). It was later released on CD-ROM on 21 March 1998.

This play served as a means of advertising the upcoming 1998 game, Resident Evil 2. The story was written by tokusatsu writer, Jun'ichi Miyashita, who went on to work on Resident Evil CODE:Veronica. The commercial album comes with a 28-page booklet detailing the volume's script.


The First Night: "Ward of Carnage"

Japanese name
Daiichi-yo 'Shura no byōtō' (第一夜「修羅の病棟」?)
Track length

An ambulance pulls up at the Raccoon City Hospital. Dr. Linda Pearl and members of the nursing staff see a stretcher arrive in their ward. The body on the stretcher is sickening; the flesh is rotting, the skin is peeling and some bone is visible. The patient is barely able to complain of fever ("hot" - あつい) without groaning. A nurse ("Nurse A") notes the opening of the patient's pupils and the reduction of pulse and blood pressure. Hearing this, Linda gives the call for the patient to be taken to the emergency room ("ER") immediately. The nurse refuses to take him, knowing he will turn into a zombie despite his horrible wounds. Linda slaps her for the resistance, and wants to slow down the progression of the disease. Another member of the nursing staff ("Nurse B") walks over to announce another five inpatients with the disease - two from the west district and three from the south, and their attempts to slow down the progress of the disease in patients has failed. Linda gives the order for infected patients to be quarantined until a treatment can be found.

As Nurse B runs off to carry out the quarantine, Linda remembers Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. The nurse stops to confirm that they haven't received a reply from the company regarding help, and then continues with her duties. Linda feels under growing pressure since this is the fourth day of receiving inpatients with this disease. Ed Sanders approaches as she openly mentions "that incident" and offers her coffee in the next room. In the room, she explains that these things have been happening since Nick's house burnt down. Interested by her memory of the incident, in which both her and his daughter Jane perished, Ed asks if Jane was her patient. The two are briefly interrupted by the arrival of a young child, Bobby Duvall, but Linda moves on to describe her transfer from an earlier hospital, in which an incident of abuse from a patient's parents forced her to transfer. Ed, himself describes having transferred from New York as a computer programmer. The two move on to the current events; Raccoon City is no doubt finished, and they cannot simply leave town.

Linda receives a notice on the tannoy system - she has an external phone call. She expresses looking forward to working with the caller to sorting out the crisis, and asks for results. The mood changes, and the caller hangs up. Ed asks what the call was about; Linda explains that she sent Umbrella some blood samples from infected patients for analysis and they claim to not have received any. Without Umbrella's help, Linda tries to identify the cause of the illness logically. With a high fever, damaged skin; bones and muscles, and a loss of intelligence as symptoms, Linda ponders if the cause is some kind of virus. Linda considers writing a formal protest on behalf of the hospital against Umbrella for incompetence in losing the samples, which would have confirmed presence of a virus. Ed calms her down and suggests otherwise since the hospital is funded heavily by the company. Bobby comes back in, asking Linda to check on his grandmother Rose Wight. This causes some friction between the two doctors after Ed admits to having helped with the woman earlier, who is Linda's patient. Ed turns, muttering that since Rose should be taken in by ambulance just like all the quarantined people, since she might turn into a zombie. She leaves the room to go check up on the patient.

The First Night: "The Streets of Raccoon"

Japanese name
Daiichi-yo 'Rakūn shigai' (第一夜「ラクーン市街」?)
Track length

Linda runs down to the underground parking garage with Ed. Planning to take thirty minutes in checking up on Rose, she puts Ed in charge of the nursing staff. Ed insists she take a handgun for protection. Driving through the centre of Raccoon City, the shambling zombies are separated by the cries of citizens. Gunshots are fired across town as people try to escape; "Man A" lets his anger go by shouting "go to hell!" (くたばれ) repeatedly. Linda forces her car to a halt, screaming "w-wait! I'm not a zombie! Don't shoot!" (ま、 待って!私は、 ゾンビじゃないわ!撃たないで!); "Man B" has suffered a mental breakdown and shoots anything that moves. Linda sets off again and gets out unharmed, though the car's windscreen is damaged. It is at this point that Bobby makes his presence known, having hid in the back.

Agreeing to take Bobby with her to see his grandmother, Linda pulls up at the Wight residence as a piano plays the Moonlight Sonata. The music stops playing suddenly, and the two run up to the house. The two enter the house to find Rose sitting in front of the piano. She tells the two she shouldn't have been able to play due to her heart; Linda finds that her pulse has gone down. The three begin to smell rotten flesh coming from somewhere in the house. They hear the sound of a dog walking. Rose tells Linda to get the shotgun off the wall; as she loads it, a pack of Cerberuses (as identified in the script) jump in through the windows. The three run out of the car and into Linda's car.

As they drive back to the hospital, Linda sees a fuel tanker swerve across the road. She brakes the car as it topples over and bursts into flames. Seeing the driver get thrown out, Linda leaves her car to retrieve him. As she approaches him, she finds that the driver has transformed into a zombie; Rose takes care of him with her shotgun. The three long for the days when S.T.A.R.S. would be able to sort out their problems, especially with the uselessness of the police department. As more zombies begin to notice the three's presence, they head back to the car.

Linda gives Bobby her mobile phone, wanting him to call the police. They fail to get through and are instead sent to a robot which tells them the lines are busy. Linda gets the mobile phone back and calls Ed, wanting him to access the S.T.A.R.S. officers' files - specifically Jill Valentine's. Distracted by the phone call, Linda swerves fiercely to avoid something in the road, colliding with a wall.

The Second Night: "Chased by Ghosts"

Japanese name
Daini-yo 'Shiryō ni owa rete' (第弐夜「死霊に追われて」?)
Track length

After the crash, the occupants groan, confirming they survived. Linda gets her mobile phone, but can't hear Ed's voice; Bobby thinks it's broken, but Linda thinks the call was ended during the crash in some other way. As the zombies approach, Linda finds she can't open the driverside door out to the streets, the crash having damaged it. The three consider climbing out of the right-side windows, but Bobby finds there to be no space for them to get out to. Finally, Linda kicks her door open, and the three get out.

The three run around the streets, but are slowed down by Rose as she complains of a pain in her chest. Slowed down, they see a civilian - "Woman A" - be attacked by a zombie and eaten. Unable to do anything, they run on their way to the hospital. Another civilian - "Man A" - is attacked by his zombified daughter, Judy after failing to talk her out of it. Hearing more zombies approaching, the three run into the alleyways, but find more here, too. When Linda and Rose turn around an alley, they lose sight of Bobby. A bell rings, and the two look around to see a church. Catching up with Bobby at the church door, they are let in by the priest, who is weak from t-Virus infection. Linda tells Bobby to keep away from the man. Knowing he will transform soon, he prays to Jesus Christ as a storm passes over the city.

The three enter the church to avoid the storm. Linda tends to the priest's injuries, handing him a hankerchief so he can cover his zombie bite. Linda offers to take him to the hospital once the storm passes, but he accepts the inevitable fate of the city and chooses to stay behind rather than wait for a treatment which may not exist. As the rain weakens, Linda tells the priest that she helped Bobby's mother die two years ago when she could not cope dying from an incurable illness; six months later, the cure was discovered. The moral of the story, Linda says, is to never give up hope. The priest appreciates her story and forgives her sins for God, but refuses to go to the hospital, believing he has work to do at the church, still. He tells the three to leave as he heats up with fever. The three run back out as the heavy rain returns.

Walking through the streets, Rose begins to feel more pain; Linda notices her veins are beginning to bulge. Unable to treat her, they are forced to run again as more zombies approach the church. Linda announces they are only one block away. Rather than face more zombies, Bobby elects to open a manhole cover and reach the hospital's boiler room via the underground.

Heading down into the cold sewers, the three are greeted by the distant sound of a Hunter prowling the tunnels. As it moves closer, Bobby diverts the other two to a side tunnel. The creature finds them anyway. Linda fires Rose's shotgun, but the Hunter dodges them. Bobby sees the ladder and guides his grandmother to it while Linda keeps the creature busy, eventually succeeding in taking it down. The three head up into the hospital's boiler room

The Second Night: "The Fear of Silence"

Japanese name
Daini-yo 'Shijima no kyōfu' (第弐夜「静寂の恐怖」?)
Track length

The three climb up into the boiler room, where they find it hard to breath. As Rose gets weaker, Linda feels she needs to get to a hospital room immediately. They head out to the corridor, which they notice is unusually silent. Bobby sees a phone; Linda picks it up and tries to phone internally; no one picks up.

Later on, the three have settled in a hospital room and Rose has received medicine for her condition. Linda leaves Bobby with Rose to go look for the VIP ward while she goes looking for Ed. Walking through the corridors, she finds the executive office. Ed himself isn't inside, so she checks up his PC for Jill's file, which is password-protected. Linda notices something leaking on the floor, making it slippery. Looking closely, she thinks it is blood, and sees splatters leading out back to the corridor. Following it, she first considers Ed was attacked, but then notices that there is enough blood for more than two people. Linda realises that the infected must have broken out of the special ward and killed everyone.

Linda runs around the hospital to the special ward; her suspicions are confirmed when she finds the door broken open. The sound of zombie groans and chewing noises fill the ward. She is seen by a group of zombies and runs back. As she heads down the corridor, her mobile phone goes off; Bobby is on the other end, crying out that there are zombies at the door.

The Third Night: "Look for Jill's File!!"

Japanese name
Daisan-yo 'Jiru no fairu o sagase!!' (第参夜「ジルのファイルを探せ!!」?)
Track length

Running down the corridor, Linda tries to get back on the phone to Bobby. Linda asks where Bobby is; hearing Rose play the "Moonlight Sonata" on a piano once more, Linda concludes they are in the rehabilitation room in Ward 3. Bobby informs her that everyone else in the ward has transformed, including the nursing staff. He himself is not in that room - just Rose. He is in a cold room full of corpses - Linda believes this to be the morgue. He offers to reach her by crawling through the ducts to Ward 2.

Linda heads on her way to the stairs, stealthily passing by a group of zombies. Moving into Ward 2, Linda finds two nurses ("Nurse A" and "Nurse B") who she saw just before leaving, and their two patients ("Patient A" and "Patient B"). The four are distressed, only recognising Linda as a non-zombie when she tells them to calm down. The four explain the situation: they lost the hospital rapidly, and Linda was believed to have fled. Linda asks the Nurses if they have found a successful treatment for the infection yet; they have not, and now lack the capabilities to do so. With Linda confirming everyone else to be gone, the four survivors decide that they have to escape and invite Linda to come with them, ignoring her claims that the outside is just as dangerous. The four leave her behind and rush through some doors where they are instantly surrounded by zombies and eaten.

Linda hears an explosion outside. Rushing to the window, she sees that a car has collided with a petrol station, causing a nearby building to collapse. Running back to the stairs, she is overcome by the smell of rotting flesh. She believes that taking an elevator is the best way to get to the morgue now. Tiptoeing down the hall, Linda does her best to avoid making a noise that might attract the zombies. Although one eventually sees her, she reaches the elevator in time.

Riding the elevator proves not to be as miraculous as Linda had imagined. The lights go out and a slurping noise echoes down the shaft. Linda can't work out if it's coming from the roof or through the door. Two zombies open up the roof, ready to drop on her. They are quickly shot by Ed, who saw them from the elevator door above. Helping her up, he introduces her to his Magnum Python, which he got from Jack the security guard.

The Third Night: "Memory of Moonlight Sonata"

Japanese name
Daisan-yo 'Gekkō no omoide' (第参夜「月光の想い出」?)
Track length

The two people run down the stairs as Ed explains that he survived by heading to the armed security room during the attack. Many people he knows, however - Jack; Kate; Mulligan and Patty - transformed into zombies along the way and he had to shoot them. In the emotion of it all, the two admit they love each other, and Linda wants to head off with Ed back to New York despite what happened two years ago. Ed asks Linda why she wanted Jill's file; she explains that Jill was treated after the Mansion Incident, and the file might be important in treating the disease. Before they can get the file, Linda must head to the morgue to find Bobby, and then go up to the rehabilitation room via the ducts - since Ed has access to the room, he can get there right away.

The two reach the room in the middle of Rose's composition, played violently. When they get up to Ward 3's rehabilitation room, Rose stops playing. The elderly woman tells Linda that she used to be a professional pianist who played at Carnegie Hall in New York. Her family life was not so wondrous, having only seen her accountant son Ross over the past ten years. She begins to play the piano once more as Ed and Linda slide down to the morgue. There, they discover giant spiders have made it their home. One of the spiders sees them from the ceiling and spits poison on them; Ed warns Linda not to inhale as he shoots it. The spider's babies leave the corpse and spit poison at the two as well. Ed tells Linda to get back into the duct.

The Fourth Night: "Umbrella, the criminal..."

Japanese name
Daishi-yo 'Han'nin wa anburera…' (第四夜「犯人はアンブレラ…」?)
Track length

The two crawl up through the duct, followed by baby spiders. Ed tries shooting the spiders, but their small sizes make them impractical to shoot. Taking Linda's shotgun, he finds it works much better. Crawling further, they hear Rose playing Moonlight Sonata yet again. Opening up the iron grid, the two get to the safety of the rehabilitation room. Ed is reintroduced to Bobby, who announces his intention to live with grandma Rose. As everything goes silent, they discuss how to tell who is a zombie - Linda says they fall unconscious, and can also smell humans. There is a banging at the door as a zombie tries to burst open; Linda pushes the piano towards the door as a barricade. Ed remembers to access Jill's file on a nearby terminal; succeeding in doing so, he heads out to face the zombies. Linda is forced to hold the piano as the force of the zombie siege threatens to push it out of the way. Linda eventually gives up and takes Ed's gun off a shelf, firing through the door as the zombified Ed tries to get inside.

The Fourth Night: "The Escape of an 8-year-old"

Japanese name
Daishi-yo 'Hachi-sai no dasshutsu' (第四夜「八歳の脱出」?)
Track length

With the zombie gone, the four head to the staircase. Bobby asks Rose if she is OK, as she begins to feel the negative effects of t-Virus infection. Heading up to the roof - where a gondola is based - Linda sees smoke rise from around the city in the rain as it burns. Rose announces no longer feeling regret in her life, finding peace with herself despite her former difficulties in family life. Bobby celebrates, raising how excited he is to live with her and how she can play Piano all the time. Rose sees otherwise. She hugs her grandson, and Linda promises to look after him for her.

As zombies make their way upstairs, Linda gives Bobby a floppy disc containing Jill's medical records which can still be used in a neighbouring city. Linda persuades Rose to go on the gondola with her and Bobby, and Linda fires at the zombies approaching as they go down. The three get in a car and drive out of town; Rose gives directions to a nearby branch office down a road by Raccoon River. In the car ride, Bobby no longer feels lonely, and Rose says they'll be together forever.

As they reach the riverside, the car is set upon by a pack of Hunters migrating out of the city. A Hunter rips through the roof. Bobby falls out of the car as Linda loses control of the car and it drives into the riverbank, bursting into flame.



Character Actor Notes
Linda Pearl (リンダ・パール Rinda pāru?) Yumi Tōma (冬馬 由美) The protagonist; a doctor
Ed Sanders (エド・サンダース Edo sandāsu?) Taiki Matsuno (松野 太紀) A chief doctor with access to personal files
Rose Wight (ローズ・ホワイト Rōzu howaito?) Yūko Mita (三田 ゆう子) An elderly woman who is cured of her heart condition by the t-Virus.
Bobby Duvall (ボビー・デュバル Bobī Dyubaru?) Konomi Maeda (前田 このみ) An orphaned eight-year-old boy and the grandson of a hospital patient, Rose.
Patient (患者 Kanja?) Tamotsu Nishiwaki (西脇 保) Appears in The First Night
Patient A (患者A Kanja A?) Shōgo Sakamoto (坂本 正吾) Appears in The Third Night
Patient B (患者B Kanja B?) Tamotsu Nishiwaki (西脇 保) Appears in The Third Night
Nurse A (看護婦A Kangofu A?) Mikiko Nebashi (根橋 美紀子) Appears in The First Night
Nurse B (看護婦B Kangofu B?) Michiko Oda (小田 美智子) Appears in The First Night
Man A (男A Otoko A?) Shōgo Sakamoto (坂本 正吾) Appears in The First Night
Man A (男A Otoko A?) Sōken Tokita (戸北 宗憲) Appears in The Second Night
Man B (男B Otoko B?) Sōken Tokita (戸北 宗憲) Appears in The First Night
Woman A (女A On'na A?) Tomoko Sugiura (杉浦 智子) Appears in The Second Night
Driver (ドライバー Doraibā?) Tamotsu Nishiwaki (西脇 保)
Priest (神父 Shinpu?) Masato Ōba (大場 真人)
館内放の声 Tomoko Sugiura (杉浦 智子)
Voice on tape (テープの声 Tēpu no koe?) Mikiko Nebashi (根橋 美紀子)
Zombie voice (ゾゾンビの声 Zonbi no koe?) Shōgo Sakamoto (坂本 正吾)
Zombie voice (ゾゾンビの声 Zonbi no koe?) All (全員で)
Hunter voice (ハンターの声 Hantā no koe?) Tamotsu Nishiwaki (西脇 保) Appears in The First Night
Hunter voice (ハンターの声 Hantā no koe?) All (全員で) Appears in The Fourth Night
Cerberus voice (ケルベロスの声 Keruberosu no koe?)


  • Executive Producer: Kenichi Tanaka
  • Producer: Mareo Yamada
  • A&R: Hidenori Shinohara
  • Drama Director: Daigo Uchida
  • Drama Promotor: Ken Sekiguchi
  • Drama Coordinator: Jun Miyakoshi
  • Recording Engineer: Takashi Tachibana
  • Assistant Engineer: Yasuhiro Sekii
  • Booking: Yasuaki Sumi
  • Mixing Engineer: Masahiko Yamazaki
  • Music Producer: Motohiro Tsuji
  • Composer: Chiharu Kuroki, Capcom Sound Team
  • Solo Violin: Reiko Tsuchiya
  • Sound Effects: Kazuhiro Yamahara
  • Mastering Engineer: Yoshihiko Ando
  • Mastering Studio: Harion
  • Art Coordinator: Ayako Mori
  • Art Designer: Takayuki Ohta
  • Promoter: Yoshihiro Sudo
  • Special Thanks: Kazue Hitomi (Flagship)
  • Scenario: Jun'ichi Miyashita
  • Supervisor: Kiwamu Asakura



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