BIO HAZARD DRAMA ALBUM ~The Doomed Raccoon City~ VOL.3 (運命のラクーンシティ Unmei no rakunshiti?) is a radioplay which aired in December 1997, listened to on both Nippon Cultural Broadcasting and Radio Osaka in four parts on the show "Satake and Hayashibara's Lawless School" (佐竹・林原の無法塾). It was later released on CD-ROM on 21 April 1998.

This play served as a means of advertising the upcoming 1998 game, Resident Evil 2. The story was written by Resident Evil 2 writer, Noboru Sugimura, as well as tokusatsu writers, Hirohisa Soda and Susumu Takaku.


The First Night - Basement hideout

Japanese name
Dai ichi-yo 'Chika ajito' (第一夜「地下アジト」?)
Track length

Raccoon City is ablaze, and people can be heard screaming in the distance. "Woman A" calls out for help from "Man A" as a wall collapses. "Man B" is surrounded by zombies, who are too much for his shotgun to handle. Nearby, 16-year old George and 15-year old Sally run across the debris. Sally is tired from all the running and wants to stop, but George insists she will be eaten if she does. She begins to cry, asking how all this happened; George blames it on the rats. They hear a man scream out as another victim of the zombies. George tries to get her to want to survive, saying they'll be millionaires in another town; he'll drive a fancy car, and she'll wear a fur coat and a big diamond ring. Sally sees zombies shamble behind George and warns him. George jokes about hitting a home run before bashing the zombie into the curb. As more zombies approach, George and Sally run back to their hideout.

Nancy, Ken and Tom (16, 15 and 8, respectively) are hiding out in a leaking basement. Tom asks his sister Nancy why it's gotten quieter outside. As they talk, Ken takes Tom's bread, arguing that since Tom isn't eating it, he will. Tom begins to cry and Nancy cocks a handgun to shut the two up. They had already divided cola and bread between the three of them. Ken gives it back, claiming the bread is moldy, anyway. There is a pounding at the door, followed by a turning of the knob. George calls out to the three; Ken answers back, calling him "brother". Ken opens the door and George and Sally run in quickly. Sally complains of a dry throat and asks for water. Nancy warns her that drinking tapwater will turn her into a zombie; she offers her cola instead.

Since all five of them haven't been in a room together before, Sally introduces herself and Tom to the two new arrivals. Nancy asks the two if they came from Raccoon City's East District; Sally informs the group that the entire district burnt down, prompting their abandoning of the hideout. Nancy has been expecting more arrivals, but mentions them being unable to escape the city without enough people. She then offers a weapon swap: baseball bat for handgun.

When Tom shows Sally a floppy disc, Nancy reveals that they found an orphan, Bobby, beside Raccoon River (someone George is familiar with, from the Raccoon City Hospital). The weak child (having fallen out of a car at the end of VOL.2) gave them the floppy disc, entrusted to him by Dr. Linda Pearl to give to the newspaper companies. Taking it to a nearby building with a computer, Nancy explains that the floppy disc revealed evidence of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals' responsibility in the viral outbreak, as well as the monsters.

They are interrupted by a strange noise outside. Sally realises it is coming from a ventilation shaft, and a swarm of rats fall down into the basement. Nancy warns them to be careful, since a rat bite would infected them. Nancy explains that that's what she heard from the townspeople - that the rats are infected with some bacteria which turns people into zombies. Everyone runs out of the hideout to escape from the rats.

The First Night - Escaping from the town

Japanese name
Dai ichi-yo 'Machi kara nigero' (第一夜「街から逃げろ」?)
Track length

The five run out into the burning streets, approached by zombies. George becomes angry at Tom again as he slows them down, and is forced to use up his ammunition to get rid of the zombie. As another approaches, Ken hits it with George's baseball bat. George becomes angry at Nancy, declaring her a cheat for giving him a handgun with only two bullets. Nancy insists she didn't know, that she never checked the ammunition since finding it. An argument breaks out, and George threatens to leave. Ken and Nancy manage to calm him down, and he suggests they find a car to escape quickly. Nancy does not think of it a worthwhile search, however, since every car seems to be either on fire or overturned.

Tom sees a police car and points it out to his sister. The group rush to the car, finding its two occupants dead. George sees the key still in the ignition, and checks to see if it works. Sally sees a handgun clenched in one of the bodies' hands. As Ken checks the handgun magazine, Sally notices the officer's ("Policeman A") eyes open up. He begs for help, proving he is not a zombie, and asks for water; Tom gives him cola. Sally suggests taking the car, but Nancy wants the policeman to recover first. The officer thanks them, and dies. Sally asks what they are to do in the city, if they are to just go around striking zombies with batons. At this moment, a murder of crows arrive, and the five get into the police car for safety. The crows continue their attack, however, flying straight at the windows. George finally gets to test out the engine, but turning the key does nothing. They begin to break the glass with their repeated efforts. George succeeds in getting the car to start, and they drive off.

Driving down the road, the gang laughs, ecstatic at the opportunity to escape Raccoon City. Ken plays with the buttons, turning on the police siren. Sally brings up George's millionaire promise he made to her. The car swerves violently around a corner; when Sally complains about George's driving, he tells her the brakes aren't working. The car scrapes a wall. George suggests they all jump out of the car, but Ken believes they are going too fast for that to be a safe idea. They run out of options and bail out as the police car drives straight into a building. Without a car, George admits they will probably have to just walk out of the city. Stuck in the city centre, the gang see zombies moving around. George sees that they haven't yet noticed the five, and has them go into the shade of a building to stay hidden. The zombies walk straight past them, but there are so many that Nancy is concerned they are the only survivors.

The Second Night - Beehive

Japanese name
Dai ni-yo 'Hachinosu' (第弐夜「蜂の巣」?)
Track length

George, Nancy, Sally, Ken and Tom run across the city centre. Ken spots another murder of crows. George spots a house ahead and the five run in to escape from the birds. They shut the door behind them and wait in the living room as the zombies and crows finally quieten down. George has Ken look out the window; Ken confirms there to be nothing outside.

As they begin to settle, Sally complains of hunger, having not eaten anything in the morning. Tom notes the well-kept nature of the house. Tom suggests they stay in the house, since the owners seem to have fled; Ken disagrees, since zombies will inevitably find the place. George has the group split up: he and Sally will keep to the ground floor, and the others will go upstairs.

Ken, Nancy and Tom head upstairs. They first check out a child's room. Ken goes to the window and opens the curtain; he sees the house comes with a large garden. Nancy hears a low humming sound; Tom, also looking out, tells her it is coming from a beehive hanging from a tree. Nancy accepts his suggestion, but is still concerned of "Umbrella's monsters". Ken opens the window and leans out with his bat to destroy the nest. The bees are angered by this and the window has to be closed urgently.

Nancy and Ken come back downstairs; Ken quickly finds cheese and meat in the refrigerator. George and Nancy discuss how to escape Raccoon City, since they lack ammunition. George offers to go out in search of weapons, but Sally interjects, believing the army and police are soon to save them, albeit there being no means to get in touch with them. Ken suggests going out in search of guns, also, but George changes the plan - they'll stay in the house for the night and rotate guard shifts.

George and Nancy stay up, talking about how quiet it's gotten; Nancy means the entire city, without even screaming, though George adds that Tom is probably asleep. Nancy reveals to George that she only met Tom six months ago while wandering the streets; as another homeless child, she adopted him; her real brother died some time ago. Her brother, Mike, died four years ago. After their mother and father were killed in a car accident, the two ended up on the streets, and Mike was shot after they were caught raiding a farmhouse. Nancy was too scared to come back for him and kept on running, and lost contact after that; while she knows he is dead, she doesn't know where he was buried. George describes how he ended up on the street after an argument with his violent father, but feels he had a better life than Nancy.

The Second Night - Jealousy

Japanese name
Dai ni-yo 'Shitto' (第弐夜「嫉妬」?)
Track length

At noon the next day, the four older children head out into the streets. Splitting up to find weapons, Sally is annoyed at George for choosing to team up with Nancy rather than her. George instead goes out on his own, leaving the three behind. Sally quickly voices her dislike of Nancy, seeing her as trying to take George away from her. Nancy thinks she is being jealous for no reason; Ken comes in-between the two girls to keep them from fighting, and the three go on the run. Back at the house, Tom hears a rattling sound at the window; wondering how much longer he has to wait, he decides to play a music box he sees on the fireplace.

Ken, Sally and Nancy keep on moving through the streets. Sally sees in the distance three infected animals eating a group of people. Nancy sees a vehicle nearby with a Handgun visible and ammunition on the floor nearby. She calls Ken to collect them, but he is too scared and refuses. Nancy agrees to go with him, and the two quietly approach the vehicle. Ken is revolted by the smell of the corpses nearby. Nancy is annoyed by his stalling and has him pick up the bullets while she gets the Colt. Just then, a bottle smashes on the floor. The zombies take notice, but Nancy is still reaching for the Colt. Sally insists Ken leave her behind and run. Nancy calls them back as she gets the handgun, but screams when the zombies come further.

Ken and Sally run through the streets alone. Ken notices that Nancy still hasn't caught up, but Sally doesn't care. He realises that Sally was the one who broke the glass bottle. The two find George. He asks where Nancy is; Sally tells him a zombie got her. George is overwhelmed by this, and insists Ken tell him if it's true, which Ken confirms. George suggests they head back while it's still unsafe. Nancy arrives and joins the group, having escaped the zombies. George asks how the search went; Ken only recovered three rounds for their Beretta and some shotgun shells, though Nancy succeeded in getting the Colt.

Back inside the music box is still playing. Nancy bangs on the door, and Tom lets her and George in. When Tom asks how they went, George tells him they only have enough rounds for one shot per person. Ken doesn't think it's enough if they want to escape the city. The group notice a humming noise. Nancy reminds them it's the bees they saw earlier, and reminds Ken to close the door. Sally suddenly begins to feel pain. George realises she's been stung and has Ken hit it. George tells her she's alright and that it was just one bee sting, but she continues to feel discomfort. Nancy tells George to move away from Sally, and suggests she may not have been stung by an ordinary bee, but by something created by Umbrella, leaving it possible that Sally would turn into a zombie.

Some time later, Sally is resting on the sofa, now complaining of being hot. Ken reminds George what would happen if Sally transforms into a zombie. George is angry at Ken, and calls him an idiot for telling him this before they've determined if she's even infected. Sally calls George over, complaining in broken sentences that she feels itchy. Sally stops her panting and goes quiet. George begins to cry and Tom asks Nancy if this means Sally died. Nancy responds: "Sally... went to heaven" (サリー…天国へ行ってね).

The Third Night - Funeral

Japanese name
Dai san-yo 'Tomurai' (第参夜「弔い」?)
Track length

With Sally dead, Ken brings up the question of what would happen if she re-awoke as a zombie. Nancy suggests they bury her. George tells Ken to bring him a shovel, intending to do it personally. George asks Nancy if she saw any gasoline or kerosene in the garage, should they have to burn her body.

At the cemetery, George digs a hole in the ground for his friend. The others stand by, awaiting a funeral ceremony. Nancy notices crows in the area and warns George and Ken. George decides they've dug deep enough and the two boys lower her body down. The ground begins to shake, violent enough for tombstones to slide into the ground and for a large crucifix to topple over. Coffins are uncovered and zombies begin climbing out of them; George explains they are the recently buried, the zombies having been infected prior to their apparent deaths.

Ken fires at the zombies three times but George tells him to knock it off - he's too impatient, and has to learn to conserve ammunition. Ken refuses to listen and fires another three times, emptying the magazine. He then decides to steal Tom's spare pistol. The group manage to agitate the crows, but get rid of them before they can attack Tom. Tom then notices Sally trying to get up out of her grave, still covered in a white sheet. George tells Nancy to get the gasoline. George asks for forgiveness as he sprinkles it over Sally and sets her alight, remembering his promise to get her a fur coat and diamond ring once they escape.

The four children return to the house to get fed. Tom notices the front door has been opened. George remembers they didn't lock the door, and Nancy sees zombies already in the house, making it too dangerous to occupy any longer. The four run away, soon reaching the riverside, where they become tired. George and Ken begin arguing over each other's incompetences (the door, the beehive), culminating in George calling out Ken as selfish for stealing Tom's pistol. Nancy intervenes and George calms down enough to tell them that they're at the Marble River, and there should be a bridge downstream which will take them out of town.

The four walk down the riverbank for a while, and Tom sees the remains of the bridge, which collapsed at some point when a ship crashed into it. George asks Tom if he can swim; he can't, and Nancy points out that the river is too dangerous to just swim across. Tom and Nancy notice a boat docked near the bridge, which the four begin running towards.

The Third Night - Betrayal

Japanese name
Dai san-yo 'Uragiri' (第参夜「裏切り」?)
Track length

The four run to a pier. Under closer inspection, George recognises a single-occupancy canoe, which Nancy suspects went downstream from a camp in the Arklay Mountains. Ken points a handgun at the group, declaring that he will be the one to take it out of the city. Ken demands they discard any remaining weapons, but George raises his shotgun at his brother. They begin punching one another and Nancy resorts to firing into the air to stop them; Ken takes this opportunity to run onto the canoe.

As the three watch Ken paddle away, Tom notices something moving in the water. George sees it too, moving towards the canoe. On closer inspection, the object resembles the fin of a very large fish; George realises it is a shark. Nancy explains that it is Neptune, a B.O.W. created by Umbrella. Ken sees the shark and fires at it four times; it does nothing and the shark rips the canoe in two. Ken screams out from the sinking canoe as the shark turns on him. Nancy collapses onto the boards, having been shot by one of Ken's bullets.

The Fourth Night - Decision by the church bell

Japanese name
Dai shi-yo 'Ketsui no bonshō (第四夜「決意の梵鐘」?)
Track length

George shoulders Nancy as the three orphans walk through the city centre to the East District. George apologises for Ken's actions, though Nancy insists that she is fine. Tom spots the local church, which has survived the burning of the district. They enter the church to find it seemingly deserted. Tom is scared by a sudden noise, which George casts aside as a candle falling over. Tom asks where the Father is; George suggests he fled during the outbreak. Tom doesn't like George's suggestion - having been fed rice by the Priest before, he expects him to stay at the church. Nancy agrees with Tom, but becomes weaker as their hold over her wound briefly lessens and she bleeds out. Tom recollects having been given medicine by the Priest in the church.

Tom runs around the church looking for medicine. He sees the room he was taken to previously and checks it out, hearing a strange noise along the way. Opening the door slightly, he sees another bee colony and quickly slams the door. George is concerned what the noise is and shouts for an answer. Tom thinks it is the same colony which infected Sally. George notices Nancy's pure-white lips, and remembers when he was shot in the stomach by a police officer during a robbery gone wrong. Leaving Nancy to see what Tom what looking at, the young boy becomes angry with him since Nancy could die without attention. George feels they should all just give up, which hurts Tom, who doesn't want to lose his adoptive sister just yet. George then reveals that Nancy is in fact his real sister (and, therefore, the brother "Mike" who Nancy believed dead).

George returns to Nancy to check up on her condition, which is greatly deteriorating. Expecting to die shortly, Nancy has George take out a postcard from her trouser pocket. The postcard is from a woman called Catherine, who is Tom's mother and alive. She insists he reads on, finding that Catherine hasn't seen Tom in two years due to circumstances beyond her control, but wants to see him. Nancy suggests she might be in prison. Reading further, George finds that Catherine lives in Kant City, and is waiting for Tom to give the postcard to the Priest so he can take him to her. While the outbreak prevented her from wanting to give it to Tom when she received it five days earlier, she admits to George she held back due to her not wanting to be alone again. She then realises that had she given Tom the postcard immediately, he would have been taken out of the city and escaped the outbreak entirely. Nancy tells George to take Tom to Kant City to be with Catherine before she stops breathing. George and Tom climb up to the bell tower and begin ringing the bell to mark her passing.

The Fourth Night - Let's cross this bridge!

Japanese name
Dai shi-yo 'Kono hashi o watare!' (第四夜「この橋を渡れ!」?)
Track length



Character Actor Notes
Cop A (巡査A Junsa A?) Shōgo Sakamoto (坂本 正吾?)
Driver (運転手 Untenshu?) Masaya Takatsuka (高塚 正也?)
George (ジョージ Jōji?) Jun Kisaichi (私市 淳?) An orphan, friend of Sally, and Ken's older "brother".
Ken (ケン Ken?) Junko Noda (野田 順子?) An orphan, George's younger "brother" and a friend of Sally.
Man A (男A Otoko A?) Masaya Takatsuka (高塚 正也?)
Man B (男B Otoko B?) Kazuhiko Watanabe (渡辺 和彦?)
Nancy (ナンシー Nanshī?) Machiko Toyoshima (豊嶋 真千子?) An orphan, George's blood-sister and close friend.
Sally (サリー Sarī?) Masami Suzuki (鈴木 真仁?) An orphan and George's friend.
Tom (トム Tomu?) Houko Kuwashima (桑島 法子?) An orphan and Nancy's adoptive younger brother.
Woman A (女A On'na A?) Junko Noda (野田 順子?)


  • Executive Producer: Kenichi Tanaka
  • Producer: Mareo Yamada
  • A&R: Hidenori Shinohara
  • Director: Daigo Uchida
  • Promoter: Ken Sekiguchi
  • Coordinator: Jun Miyakoshi
  • Recording Engineer: Takashi Tachibana
  • Assistant Engineer: Yasuhiro Sekii
  • Booking: Yasuaki Sumi
  • Mixing Engineer: Masahiko Yamazaki
  • Music Producer: Motohiro Tsuji
  • Composer: Chiharu Kuroki; Capcom Sound Team
  • Solo Violin: Reiko Tsuchiya
  • Sound Effects: Kazuhiro Yamahara
  • Mastering Engineer: Yoshihiko Ando
  • Mastering Studio: Harion
  • Art Coordinator: Ayako Mori
  • Art Desiner: Takayuki Ohta
  • Promoter: Yoshihiro Sudo
  • Scenario:



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