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BIO HAZARD ZOMBIE SHOOTER (バイオハザード ゾンビシューター) is a 2001[1] mobile phone game based on the Resident Evil series. It is a puzzle/action game released along with BIOHAZARD i SURVIVOR and Biohazard Zombie Buster for Java-based phones.

Later, from September 2004 onwards, it was sold as part of a subscription to 'Capcom Party' at ¥350 per month for i-mode and ¥300 per month for EZweb. It was sold along with BIOHAZARD ASSAULT THE NIGHTMARE and Biohazard confidential report.[2]


Contrary to BIOHAZARD i SURVIVOR and Biohazard Zombie Buster, there is no clear plotline or setting in Zombie Shooter. The player must press the phone buttons in order to shoot multiple enemies who pop up from the dark continuously, before they can attack and inflict damage.[1][3]

Known enemies featured are the T-Virus Zombie, the Hunter α and the Nemesis-T Type,[2] and the number of shoots needed to kill each enemy depends on their type.[1][3] There is no ending, and the objective is to make the biggest score as possible before the player's HP reaches zero.



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