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The BSAA Alpha Team was an SOU unit attached to the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance's North American branch.

Operational history[]

Alpha Team, under the command of Captain Chris Redfield, participated in the Edonian civil war as part of a huge counter-bioterrorism operation by the UN.


In 2013, Alpha Team was reformed under its only remaining active team members, Piers - Captain Redfield had retired from the BSAA due to the psychological trauma sustained the following year. Dropping into China via helicopter, Alpha's first objective was to rescue dignitaries from their J'avo hostage takers in a UN building at Point Ace of Spades. On the way there, a soldier sustained injury from a J'avo mutant and two men were ordered to stay with him while Chris; Piers and another soldier carried on to the tower.[1]

Coming back together, Alpha was attacked by a giant snake - Iluzija - which dragged one soldier off-screen. Chris ordered the team to follow the snake, which - after a stand off with a J'avo attack helicopter - led them to a large building. Due to straying away from the group and surprise attacks Keaton and another two operators were quickly killed before Iluzija was discovered. Following it down a hole, the snake managed to grab Jeff, unexpectedly, dropping the team's numbers down to three. Separated on the first; second and third floors, it was Marco that heard Iluzija, along with Jeff's screams. Chris and Piers reached Marco too late to form an effective resistance against the snake, and it escaped yet again leaving Jeff's body one floor down. After another three fights, Marco and Chris discovered that, although the snake's hide was too tough for rounds to piece, it was as vulnerable to the combined effects of water and electricity as anyone else. In the first attempt, Marco was also electrocuted, resulting in him being knocked back to the ground. With Piers acting as a taunt, Chris was able to electrocute Iluzija as it streamed past the cable. Reuniting with a fully-conscious Marco, the three set out on continuing on their mission at a fraction of the squad's strength one hour prior. Questioning Chris' decision to look for Carla Radames, whom he believed to be Ada Wong, Piers and the Captain were too distracted to see Carla fire a C-Virus needle at Marco, resulting in the explosives expert turning into a Chrysalid in the same vain as his predecessor, Finn. Chris obtained Marco's C4 Explosive from the empty crysalid after defeating the insectoid creature that the man had transformed into.

Squad members[]

Name Position Lineup Status
Jeff BSAA operator 2013 Deceased
Keaton BSAA operator 2013 Deceased
Rose, Marco Explosives expert 2013 Deceased
Reid BSAA operator 2013 Deceased
Nivans, Piers Lieutenant 2012 and 2013 Deceased
Redfield, Chris Team captain 2012 and 2013 Alive
MacCauley, Finn Explosives expert 2012 Deceased
Airhart, Ben BSAA operator 2012 Deceased
Alfonso, Carl BSAA operator 2012 Deceased
Walker, Andy BSAA operator 2012 Deceased