Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The BSAA Alpha Team was an SOU unit attached to the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance's West African branch.

Unit history

During the March 2009 Kijuju incident, Alpha Team was under the command of Captain Dan DeChant, with air support for the mission provided by Kirk Mathison.

Alpha team was sent to Kijuju to apprehend known bio-weapons dealer Ricardo Irving, staging a bio-weapons meeting within a storage facility in order to apprehend him. Unfortunately, Alpha Team was wiped out by the Uroboros B.O.W. that Ricardo Irving had released; he was aware that the BSAA was investigating the area and prepared the set-up at the deal coordinates.

Special Operations Agents (SOA) Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar found Alpha Team after they were killed, but Dechant was found fatally wounded. Dechant warned Chris and Sheva that it was all a set up and that they were in danger, but he managed to give Chris the data needed to continue the mission before succumbing to his wounds.



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