Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The BSAA Bravo Team was a unit within the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, part of the North American division. The team leader is Marco Rose

Operational history

"Bravo Team" took part in the UN-deployment in Edonia. They were attacked near the city hall of an unidentified city, resulting in one of their men being seriously injured.[1]

During the 2013 Lanshiang Bioterror Outbreak, Bravo Team was ordered to capture Point Four of Hearts - later requiring assistance of the BSAA Charlie Team. Even with Charlie's assistance, the BSAA were finding it hard to hold of the J'avo, and medics were sent over to aid them. Bravo Team was later ordered to rendezvous with the North American Alpha Team in capturing Point Ace of Spades, which held their overall objective - to rescue UN diplomats. Unfortunately for Bravo, RPG-fire from the J'avo prevented their helicopters from continuing in their objective at such a fast pace. When Bravo arrived to reinforce Alpha, their help was instrumental in defeating ambushing J'avo.[2]


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