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Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Charlie Team was a unit within the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (of an undefined branch). In 2013, it took part in the BSAA's counter-terrorism operations during the Lanshiang Bioterror Outbreak. It had orders to back-up the BSAA Bravo Team at Point Four of Hearts. Even with their combined-firepower, the J'avo were too strong at this zone, and medics were sent in to aid them. Eventually, the area was brought back under control, and HQ ordered them to Point Three of Diamonds.[1]

Charlie was ordered to rendezvous with Alpha and Delta teams at the harbourside to confront Carla Radames, who they believed to be Ada Wong. However, after she escaped from Alpha Team and US agents Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper, the situation suddenly changed and HQ could no longer spare them to hunt down Ada, who was now taking to the streets in a high-speed car chase.[2]

After Tatchi was attacked by a C-Virus missile soon after, HQ denied Charlie the orders of moving into the district to save Echo, giving them up for dead.[3]


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