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The BSAA Echo Team was a BSAA squad attached to the North American division.

Operational history

In December 2012, Echo Team took part in the North American division's campaign in the European nation of Edonia, whose insurgents had infected themselves with the new C-Virus. During Alpha Team's fight with an Ogroman around a bridgehead, Echo was initially unable to provide assistance because J'avo anti-aircraft fire was preventing their helicopters from flying close to Captain Chris Redfield's position. With the AAA neutralized, the second Ogromon still pevented direct contribution. However, Echo was able to fly close enough to notice the creature's back housed a device they believed to be useful in taking it out; it was found to be shielding its organs from attack. Once the Alphas had succeeded in removing the object, the Echos were free to bomb the Ogromon. They dropped near Chris Redfield and continued on their mission under him as they continued on to the city hall.[1]

In June 2013, Echo Team was sent to Lanshiang during the bioterrorist attack. Shortly after Chris Redfield's arrival, they reported heavy clashing at Point Three of Diamonds, and required back-up. They were eventually forced to retreat completely.[2]

While the fighting was spreading even further afield in other areas of the city, Echo Team had orders to evacuate the Tatchi district of Lanshiang, which had been spared of J'avo activity - via the Quad Tower. However, a second attack in the form of a missile led to the area being engulfed in a cloud of C-Virus, transforming its refugee population and many of its BSAA protectors into zombies.[3][4] A surviving group of Echo Team personnel helped Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper get to safety while on the way to the tower. However, the overwhelming number of zombies meant that only one of the operators made it to the escape vehicle, with one of his comrades sacrificing himself just short of the final door so that the zombies may feed on him instead of the other three. Driving Leon and Helena through the cloud to the nearest clear area to the tower, the operator waited at the car for any radio reports from his teammaters, having only received shouting from a stranded survivor and HQ forbidding Charlie Team from helping the Echo team members, lest they end up in the same mess. Evidently, the operator gave up waiting for his comrades, as he drove the car alone to the Quad Tower, where he reinforced Leon, Helena, and Ada Wong in their fight against Derek C. Simmons' second-stage mutation. Unfortunately, Simmons proved to be too powerful, and destroyed the car with the operator inside.[5] It is doubtful that anyone else succeeded in escaping the fog and zombies.


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